Sitting in the cafeteria, there is a group of rare group of females. The girls sitting at the table, slide out their chairs and all get up at the same time. Not venturing more than two feet from each other, they walk toward door. The four of them travel in perfect formation, one in the front, the leader, two behind, walking next to each other who are her followers and one in back, she is has been the most recent inductee who hasnt fully adapted to this unique behavior of theirs.

Together they form a diamond. As they approach the door, they all squeeze into single file. After they have completed going through the door they take a left. The girls line up next to each other linking arms, taking up the entire hallway.

No one dares to get in their way. A poor innocent freshman girl, walking in the opposite direction, must quickly throw herself against the wall, letting her superiors get by, with out causing trouble. The freshman girl turns and watches them in envy. They are the type of girls you love to hate. Each one of them perfect in every way. All no shorter than 55 and no taller than 56.

They also all weigh about the same, 115 lbs. The girls head off to the bathroom. Its the only place they can go to get away from the many boys that flock around them, as if the were seagulls and the girls were throwing stale bread. Inside they chatter about the latest gossip and crushes, check if anything is on each others butt, redo their make up and brush their hair as if it wasnt perfect anyway. About half their lunch period later they return.

They have never eat school food, it lowers your reputation, and contains to much fat anyway. Back in the cafeteria All the jealous freshman girls watch, they study and try and repeat this extraordinary behavior but are never successful. The lead girl, gives all the jock guy a seductive stare as if she was easy. She is just being a tease. All the not-so-popular senior girls give each other the what a whore look and snicker as she walks on bye with her chest as big as she can possibly make it look. With her shoulders back and her chin up high, she walks with pride past all her inferiors.

As the four girls sit back down at their table, Many over hear a conversation. Its not like they even had to eves drop, they were talking so loud the entire lunch could of heard them. They were talking about how this girl, Gwen, had a crisis. This cute guy asked her out and she totally had to turn him down, because she was afraid that he would laugh at her. I bet she went home crying that her life is completely over. She didnt even deserve him anyway, she is way to stuck up.

And hell get over her, Im sure she was just one of the few girls that he even considered. It was almost like they planned to have this conversation when they were in the bathroom. This poor girl was being talked about behind her back, and now everyone knew about it. These girls wanted to be the gossip queens, they were, and they knew they were. The passing bell rings and each of the girls walk out, with a guy linked in each arm.

My friends and I just go about our own business and get on to our next classes.