Popular In Brazilian Culture essay example

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Latin America For my creative piece I was wanted to write a poem. My inspiration for this task was tropicalism. Webster defines tropical as Of relating to, the characteristic of a region. Tropicalism in Brazil is The idea to take the Brazilian values the trashy ones as well as the good ones, the ugly ones as well as the beautiful ones and incorporate them into its art. In attempting to write this poem I wanted to bring up five aspects of Brazilian culture. Using the Tropicalism take on this poem; to illustrate the good of the country I focused on family structure and the issue of race, to illustrate the bad / ugly values of the country I wrote about the methods used in colonization, for the beautiful aspects of the Brazilian I used the carnivals that are popular in Brazilian culture.

My sources of information were a Brazilian Popular Music web site ( web), movies The House of the Spirits and Black Orpheus, and the American encyclopedia. Stand Bridge Once we stand for equality, among everyone And know that we are all people We can unite and beat our opposition We must stand until our children have better land So join me and stand for what is right If I had my way life would be just fine But the world is too cold and it makes me cry Sometimes I feel like running and turning my back, but we have worked to hard And we cant turn around We out number the enemy so lets be wise and start a revolution Now who will stand with me and risk everything Because a real man will die fighting Than to live this status quo So stand stand stand and we will own better land Bridge We have come along way From the days of plantations And we struggled with the dictatorship of our early days But the ball is on our side now We have been successful So let us drink to our successes But not till the point we are drunk, and forget thee Lets use the energy we have for carnival And make the future bright Bridge Remember that the family is sacred Family is the number one priority Men let's be men and women lets be women Lets everyone unite from the preto to the pardo and the mulatto and the white Lets celebrate our differences Our work is not done until we forget what it means to be poor And everyone obese with love and affection and security Bridge.