The Buffalo Bills are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. The area where they are extremely popular are in the Western New York area. The Buffalo Bills have always had a positive effect in Western New York, and there are several things that the Bills have brought to the Buffalo and Rochester areas. One thing that the Buffalo Bills have brought into Buffalo is revenue.

With the popularity of the Bills spreading throughout the Northeastern United States and Canada the Bills attract people from all over. Thanks to football teams only having eight home games and their stadiums holding more than 80,000 people many people come to Buffalo to see the Bills play. This sets up a great situation for businesses like Wegman's and Tops. Bills fans have always been known for their great tailgate parties before the game, and they purchase most of their food at these stores. The Bills are also great marketing tools for these businesses and both use them well.

The popularity of the Buffalo Bills is also good for the children of Buffalo. By having a professional football team children get to see professional athletes and they may want that to be the life for them. More people are introduced to football and more people may want to play the sport. It is also good for the regular fan to have a professional team in a small market city. If it wasn't for the Bills the closest professional football team are in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York City. This makes it much more convenient for fans in Western New York and Canada.

This also helps the NFL to expand it into places like Toronto and Vancouver. The Bills have also always been great to their fans. Most of the time the Bills reward their fans with good football teams on the field but they are always great off the field. They always have been one of the most active NFL teams in their communities and enjoy doing it.

The Bills hold their training camp in Rochester, NY and this is one of the best moves that the Bills have made. Their training camp used to be held in Fredonia, NY which is located near the Buffalo region. It was a great idea to move it to Rochester because it expanded the Bills fan base. Now fans in the Rochester area are able to see the Bills in person without having to travel down the thruway.

This was also a great move for Rochester economically. With people coming in from all over New York State and Canada businesses and fast food restaurant income increased dramatically. With people traveling on the thruways they pay tolls which also helps increase revenue. The Buffalo Bills are a very popular team and it benefits the city of Buffalo well.

The effect that the Bills have had has always been positive and it will not change as long as they are in Buffalo.