Preparing for my first job interview was very difficult. I had to be well organized, and I had three days to be ready. The Monday when I got the phone called from the company, I was very surprised. They told me that I had to come to an interview Thursday at 9: 00 a.m. So I agreed and decided to begin preparing for the interview. First I began to review every bit of information about the organization and the job being offered to me.

Then I went over everything to enable me to talk and answer question with ease about the company and myself. After that I prepared a brief resume showing my work experience, qualifications, and highlighting my accomplishment I have held in the past years. Then I began proofreading my resume carefully for any misspellings and grammar, and I must be sure it was formatted correctly and easy to follow. After that I prepared question to ask during the interview. So I can determine through questioning whether the company will give me the opportunity for the growth and development I seek.

When I was finish preparing my resume, I began rehearsing my interview with my friend. So I was able to convey all pertinent information about myself in 15 minutes. Secondly I began looking for a business suit to wear to the interview. It was very difficult trying to look for something to wear, because my clothes weren't really business like.

So I had to try on, to see which matches and look appropriate. But since I had time on my hand, I decided to go shopping to buy a business suit to wear. When I arrived at one of the clothes store, there were a variety of options, so I took awhile in there. Then I began trying on, to see what fits best. But when I was finish trying on all the clothes, there's been nothing that was appropriate for the interview. So I visited another store and there it was the perfect suit.

It was a navy blue pants suit with jacket and a baby blue inside piece, and at that same store I also picked up three stockings, for in case of emergency, if one was rip. Then I went and bought a pair of shoes to match with my pants suit. After I was finish shopping, I head back home. But before I head back home, I went and did my hair. When I reached home I ironed my suit, hanged it up, and it was ready to be put on for the interview.

Finally the day had come to go to the interview, I was so anxious; I got up early, packed my bag, set up my papers and put them into a folder. I made sure I ate breakfast and drank tea. Time was getting near, so I went and took a bath and brushed my teeth. When I as finished, I began dressing. When I was finished dressing, I got my bag and my folder, and began to leave, because it was time to go. So I head out with confidant, telling myself I would do good at the interview, and I will not fail.

That is how I prepared for my first job interview..