The idea is one of the most important things that the human being has. Without idea we would live in stone age because idea always leading us to invent something new. In the very early ages human kind discovered tools. Indeed that was an idea and one of our ancestors had an idea to use a tool that would ease his life. Then they discovered dress, fire and other things. Millions and tons of ideas at last brought us to the present time and know we live in the age, highly developed era which was indeed created by our ancestors ideas.

No doubt that everybody has their own idea in various topics. Somebody is very good in mathematics, somebody might be good in engineering. Their idea to develop the things invent new things will certainly help for all of us in the near future. One certainly must defend his idea. Because if he give up he will never find a solution and his idea will just disappear. Moreover it is vital to defend his idea because only in this case one can really understand the value of his idea.

At first he might be hesitate. But later surely he will be very confident on his point of view. Lets suppose that one has an idea to develop a new kind of communication. First thing he will do is to present this idea to a wide public. And not always he will hear only positive answers. Surely there will be a lot of people who will contradict for his idea.

And sometimes people realize that they are not ready at all to answer to their questions. The person who was defeated on the presentation of his idea must not give up and have to continue the research and apparently he will find answers for all questions. In the end I can say that only by defending own idea person can understand the real value of his idea.