A human being has his or her certain traits or personalities. There are several types of personalities, but it is only classified as either positive or a negative personality. Some people are kind, gentle, loving, caring, thoughtful. These are just several of the ones in the positive side. Others are cruel, rude, careless, irresponsible.

Now these ones are just a few of the negative side. Through life a person experiences many things in life like how to survive or how to communicate. At the earliest times of life a person learns through his surroundings and then applies that experience through the society. People then say things like, "ah, that boy is really annoying!" or "that daughter of yours is a smart one". The society comments on one's personality. From my experience, one of the most vital points of learning was when I was a young teenager and I must say that friends really do make an impact on my personality.

Among all, my peers were the ones who influenced me the most. As early as 5th grade, I have met so many kids at school and made tons of friends. I was always shy and quiet most of the time, but my friends gave me the strength to just go out there and be myself. By then, I was playing with all the kids at my classroom and some on other neighboring classes. After school I'd rather stay a little longer because we were just having so much fun. We'd play basketball for more than an hour or just chat by the court or just hang-out anywhere.

My friends would call me at home and then invite for a stroll around a nearby park. Sometimes I get grounded because of spending too much time with my friends causing me to forget about homework and my studies. If that happens, I would sneak out through the back gate of our house and call my friends to go play somewhere. Also, music was then realized. Whatever my friends would listen to I would also. I would buy the same tapes, bring a walkman at school, even get some of those rock band t-shirts.

It was graduation and now welcome to my years of high school. My friends have grown and so have I. We tried many different new things. We now would more likely to talk with girls. It was new and enjoying.

My friends would wear signature clothes and if you had those insanely prized signature clothes you are now one of the "cool" kids. So I did. My mother was also fond of these signature clothes so it was alright for me to also wear a few. Another new experience was people were divided into groups. They are sort of labeled. The cool ones, the musicians, the playboys, the sporty ones, and nerds or just a little too intelligent and smart for the other groups.

I was one of the musicians. My friends are very talented when it comes to music. They inspired me to just learn a deep side of music. Sometimes all the groups would mix up and there wasn't much of a conflict.

The only problem is the "nerds" were a little too "uncool". They remained isolated from mostly everyone. There are also bad things I learned when I was in high school. Some of my friends were smoking cigarettes and we thought it was "cool" to smoke.

I smoked a few sticks and I thought I was cool. For the first few weeks it was all about being cool, but later on it became a bad habit. My friends also drank alcohol and then again so did I. It didn't become a habit, but instead it became more of a socializing with people. I became senior in high school.

After school me and my friends would hang-out at our nearby friend's house and just relax and have a chat. We would have a couple of drinks and a few smokes. At night, my friends would then take me to parties or clubs. There was so much pressure between school and friends. I almost flunked one subject and almost didn't graduate. Other times, my friends would be really of great help.

We would set up a "group talk" to know how we can help each other. It's just a matter of controlling your responsibilities between friends, school, and family. I treat my friends like brothers or sisters. To me they are family.

I think peer pressure would probably last for some time. Friends are always there in good and bad times. Their influence is unquestionable. I have spent most of my time with them.

It's just how you would handle your responsibilities as an individual.