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Scientology describes itself as an "applied religious philosophy" addressing humankind's mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Scientology shares some beliefs with many religions, the dual nature of humankind and the attainment of spiritual awareness and freedom through the application of Church philosophy; other beliefs are unique, such as the extra planetary origin of the spirit and the use of an electro-psychrometer in counseling sessions to measure the mental state of the individual. Scientology is based solely upon the works of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard a self-proclaimed humanitarian, writer, educator, adventurer, philosopher, artist, and yachtsman. Apparently there was little in life that Mr. Hubbard did not experience. Equally comprehensive are Hubbard's writings and lectures that make up the sacred scripture of the Church.

There are Scientology scriptures for almost every facet of life: education, marriage, infant formula, controlling conversations, handling the media, attacking enemies, and infiltrating organizations. The primary goal of the Church of Scientology is to "clear the planet", that is, to convert the world to Scientology and administer it according to Scientology principles. This differs little from other religions, such as Christianity or Islam. However, Scientology's conversion efforts are somewhat more sinister. Two of its more effective methods are: the infiltration of groups in order to transform them into agents of the Church or to gather intelligence, plant false information, or otherwise thwart the groups's up posed anti-Church activities; and the creation of seemingly humanitarian or social reform organizations, often hiding their Church origins and connections, and working to broaden their acceptance within society. This goes well beyond normal missionary efforts and in fact, has more in common with the covert operations of intelligence agencies than with religious conversion.

"The cue in all this is, don't seek the co-operation of groups. Don't ask for permission. Just enter them and start functioning to make the group win through effectiveness and sanity" The responsibilities of the no longer existent Department of Government Affairs now fall to the Office of Special Affairs, the Church's secret service. "The goal of the Department [of Government Affairs] is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology.

This is done by high level ability to control, and in its absence, by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies". In 1978, the Los Angeles Times wrote of Scientology's charitable groups: "Bearing names such as American Citizens for Honesty in Government and the National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, these 'gung ho groups,' as church memoranda have called them, ally themselves with orthodox civil liberties and religious organizations but remain dominated by Scientologists, whose affiliation is not always made explicit in the groups' news releases". The Church has an extensive history of infiltrations, both successful and unsuccessful. The Church has a strong interest in aligning itself with charitable and social-reform organizations.

In this way, its image is enhanced and its way to "clearing the planet" eased. Although Scientology wants you to believe you are donating for the "greater good", they are, in essence, only interested in your money. A basic component of the Church's services is auditing (counseling sessions). Through a progression of special auditing actions for specific purposes, called rundowns, Scientologists can advance their spiritual condition. This counseling can charge you a pretty penny, but to get started, wont cost you a dime. The first step in the long and costly process of "clearing" oneself is a simple personality test that determines whether or not you are in need of "clearing" This test is available for free online through the groups website.

Before filling out the test online, you are asked to provide such personal information as your name, address, phone, and are given the option of not being contacted. The test itself is 200 question, yes, no, maybe. An example is located on the following page. When you have completed the test, the Church of Scientology closest to you is listed and you are encouraged to contact them. Following the initial test, counseling, at $1,000 or more a session is the next step to the "clearness" you, as a Scientologist are seeking. Also available are Hubbard books, cassette recordings, and other material to advance in the faith.

Prices in the "Scientology Online Book Store" average forty dollars per book, as well as other, cheaper study materials. Examples of these books are: Scientology is a cult, in every aspect of the word. We view activities of most other religious organizations as simply examples of their benevolent contributions to society as dictated by their beliefs. The Church of Scientology motives are, in the least, completely self-serving. Its primary purpose is to "clear the planet" and impose its authority worldwide. People who oppose its goals are considered "suppressive" and Scientology would "dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.".