Geography Reading Project This book is about a company that has figured out how to send people back in time by treating people as pieces of data. This company runs into problems when one of their time traveler shows up in the middle of a dessert and brought to a hospital and is very confusing to the resident doctor. The doctor thinks it is an abnormally and leaves it well enough alone. Meanwhile the company is very worried that one of their time travelers has been lost and showed up dead in a local hospital. Meanwhile the company sends a professor of archeology from a project back in Scotland.

They send the professor back in time to the site he is working on to see how it was when it was built. But something goes horribly wrong and the professor does not return on time and at the site the other archeologists find a scroll that is from the professor but is dated form the 1400's this all seems very mysterious. One of the representatives form the company that sent the professor back in time goes to the site in Scotland and explains what's going on to all the other of archeologists and asks for a few volunteers to go back and bring the professor back to the present. When the volunteer's go back they " re reappearing in front of some knight's scares them so there two guides are killed and they are left alone in the 14th century trying to find the professor. While they are in the 14th century they prove true some of their hypothesis of what they thought that the area looked like. They go though all sorts of trouble but eventually bring the professor back and all is well.

The whole story is set in Scotland and is set in the present and the past I will be describing the geographical features of the past not the present. Scotland is north of the equator and the exact longitude and latitude is 8-2 degrees longitude and 55-69 degrees latitude. This is not the exact longitude and latitude but it is as close as I could by including the whole country. Scotland is mostly in the Western Hemisphere barely the two cities Peterhead and Crude n Bay are on the right of the prime meridian so they are in the Eastern Hemisphere. The setting is lush green and almost virgin land that has not been touched by humans. There are forests that have huge redwoods with a lot of undergrowth and vegetation and a lot of wild life and wild flower bush's and shrubs.

There are rivers that are crystal clear that feed into a beautiful bay. Along the river there is a mill with a wheel that is making most of the bread for the town. Lower down there is a bridge. Dotted along the river and countryside there are some small huts made out of a variety of materials such as mud wood rocks and thatch basically whatever could be found.

Further up there is a castle with a moat on the outside and then a city inside. Where there is a market a tanning shop, a jousting track, targets for archers to practice. Also there is a area for knights in training to practice and learn new skills. Further up there is housing for the servants that work in the castle. Beyond that there is another wall and gate and in there is the main part of the castle. Where the king and queen stay and some of the noble men and women.

In the inner part of the castle there were private gardens for the king and queen so they did not have to relay on and outside food supply when under siege. There is one more castle that is on the coast, which can only be assaulted from the front. This castle is special because of the geographical position that it is located on. The only way to attack is from the front because the rest of the castle is surrounded by cliff walls that are at least 300 ft high and could not be climbed. This castle was not used because of an old legend that foretold a secret passage into the castle. The conditions around this area were generally nice.

Mid 60's to 70's almost every day there is hardly ever snow. Also rain was very minimal while the volunteers were there. The race of the people in this town was mainly white there were some black people but they were exiled because they were thought to be different and different was not a good thing back then. The religion was almost 100% Christian because no other religions were introduced for a long time there were not any variations of Christianity for a long time as well. The language back then was old English basically what our language was based on. The language back then was more slurred and harder to understand and learn that's one of the reason I feel that the language has evolved to what it has today.

Today there is a upper class a middle class a low middle class and a lower class. We have great variety between the groups there is not a huge distinction between the classes unlike in the story where the class distinction was very great there was no middle or lower middle classes there was only the rich and the poor nothing else. The building materials back then were mostly stone cut in to cube shapes to aid building, timber long pillars so they could be used for bracing, mortar to hold the huge stone cubes in place, and finally thatch. Thatch was used for the roofs, although it was highly flammable it was also very water repellent and was excellent to use a roofing material because there was an abundance of it and it was not very challenging to put on. Some of the tools used to build the houses or castles were simple scaffolding, pulleys to bring up the huge stone cubes, and horse drawn carts to bring the stone cubes in.

Some of the pedestrian houses took only a few months to be built because the structures were not that complicated nor where they very extravagant and large like some of the castles and ministries. The castes and monasteries depending on the size and the features could take up to ten years to be built. A good comparison to the castles was the pyramids in Egypt. Those took an extreme amount of time and also took a lot of manpower the same is true when a castle is built. They take almost longer than pyramids because they are not just sealed off they need working doors and gates so in fact the castles took even longer than the pyramids but they were a good comparison.