Memorandum To: Erica Lockwood From: Pat Murphy Date: July 27, 2003 To Whom It May Concern: It gives me great pleasure to recommend Tia Hills as the next Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America. A leader of any group must have and must develop a variety of qualities. I have seen some of those qualities in Tia. Tia is strong. Tia is smart, and most importantly, Tia knows right from wrong. Tia has a confident personal strength that allows her to lead without putting others down.

This is a rare quality in today's school. Most people her age have to put themselves down to build themselves up. Tia, however, uses her strength to uplift the others around her. Tia, of course is intelligent. More importantly, Tia is smart. Although she may be too young to be called wise, Tia has finely tuned instincts that allow her to size up both people and situations.

Tia then has the intelligence to deal with both in calm and rational manner. Tia also possesses the most important quality of all. She knows right from wrong and chooses to do right. This quality is so rare in today's schools. You can tell Tia has seen much and has had the opportunity to do much. Tia, because of her strength, has chosen to do the right thing.

Tia is on the ladder of success. This office will be a step on this ladder. As she climbs this ladder, the Future Business Leaders of America have the opportunity to climb that ladder with her. I hope Future Business Leaders of America can take this opportunity to experience the leadership of Tia Hills. Sincerely, Pat Murphy.