Quality Of Life essay example

269 words
Thousands of years ago, people thought of nothing but understanding the world and making life easier for those living in it. We are capable of reading about the ancient Sumerians, the Greeks, the Mesopotamian's, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the French, the Amazons, and other famous contributors to the pool of knowledge of the world. Up to now, we human beings are still trying to decipher the forces and phenomena of nature, writing them in mathematical and scientific equations, and making sure that everything is in logical order. Scientists of the past and of the present have made numerous scientific breakthroughs in all possible fields of knowledge. They have succeeded in making life easier for us. Inventions have been produced left and right, improving the quality of life.

We have made improvements in terms of leisure, home preparations, transportation, and other scientific areas. Now the quality of life is improved for all ages: better, with more effects, television shows and movies for children, as well as toys, the playstation for older children, inventions for leisure for adults. Let's not forget However, do you not think that as technology progresses, the quality of being human declines? We lose the central concept of the essence of a human being. We merely exist, going about our regular routines with these inventions of science. In the future, probably scholars will begin to want to go back to the ways of the past, where being human is what is important.

In my opinion, we have to reestablish the meaning of life.