Rahh Project essay example

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Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity The community project selected by our cohort was the Area Habitat for Humanity (AHH). Out of several options, this project was picked on the basis of task verity, task arrangement, and task schedule. A contingency project was also selected at that time. Mission of RAHH is to create and provide affordable homes for low income families. RAHH selects eight to ten families out of hundreds that apply on the basis of income level, credit worthiness, and family size each year.

Each adult member of the selected families requires to spend 250 hours in home construction and 35 hours in classroom training on home maintenance. A typical house that RAHH builds is comprised of four bed rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dinning room, a living room, and a garage. The average cost of building each house is about $60000. A finished house can get appraised up to $150000.

The house we were selected for our project is located in the North-East. We started the project at about 9: 00 am on Saturday. Trent Frugal, a member of the RAHH, provided us with a short orientation. In this orientation, we learnt about the RAHH value and the proper process, procedure, and needed precautionary measurement in doing our task. Our task for the day was to put sheetrock on the wall and on the ceiling. Two of eight cohort members had some previous experience in sheet rocking.

We divided ourselves into two groups by having one of the experience sheet rockers in each group. The whole effort was based on collaboration and was driven by consensus. Members of the group that I worked with were good hearted, friendly, cooperative. Each of us acted as a true team player by providing opinions, suggestions, and sharing knowledge with in the group. Our task was to scale, cut, and fasten the sheetrock in the wall and the ceiling.

A volunteer who was not part of our cohort, an expert builder, was with us to provide some guidance as needed. This provided guidance helped us identify the right materials and the process to complete the task. In doing the sheet rocking task, I quickly learnt the importance of having a cohesive and harmonious team. The whole opportunity was a great learning experience for me. Working in the RAHH project has enlightened my inner thought. Though I worked only few hours in sheet rocking the house, the impact of seeing the amount of worked done solely by the volunteers and the time and energy that were put into it was profound.

It gave me a sense of appreciation for those who are dedicating their life for the betterment of the humanity; especially for those who are providing the voluntary physical effort by sacrificing a great deal of their time and energy.