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I got a grade 1+ for this paper so u can be sure it will get you a good grade. A book which I have read recently is " Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding. In this R.P. R I'm will be explore how the gradual break up of the community is due to the hostile relationship between Ralph and Jack. As well as the afore mentioned topic I will also look at how the author's characterization and language attribute to the novel. Lord Of The Flies was an extremely enjoyable and mind-enriching book as it covered topics of psychology that exist in every person but would never normally be seen, as a result of the lack of these elements of psychology in everyday life William Golding displays them extremely accurately in novel.

With an excellent structure and storyline it is easy to see why this book won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Lord Of The Flies takes place on a small island in the Pacific during the Second World War were a small group of boys have been abandoned after their plane crashes. Initially the boys relish this new found freedom as there are no adults and decide they have to chose a leader on the island so as to keep things in order. The boys adapt to the island very well learning how to make fire, build shelters, hunt and maintain discipline. However the initial glamour and sparkle of the island disappears as tensions about their isolation develop which ultimately break up the group. A new leader is chosen and forms a new community which is more able to deal with the hardships of the island and able to obtain total authority of the island.

When a rescue finally occurs the children have lost touch with their civilised instincts and are now savages. Initially in the book when a community is formed it is as civilised as any proper community. The boys take a vote for a leader, two boys who make an attempt to be the chief are Ralph and Jack. Jack being the leader of the group of choir- boys encourages the choir members to vote for him which is consequently done. When Ralph is elected to be chief Jack is obviously frustrated as shown in this quote:" Jack's face disappeared under a blush of mortification", Ralph proves to be an excellent Chief as he makes excellent decisions such as to maintain discipline and aim to be rescued, Ralph decides to light a fire on the mountain so as rescuers could see. After the fire has been built the boys realise there is a fire raging out of control in the forest which they later find a litt lun has died in.

Jack and the choir- boys become the hunters on the island. Jack justifies the hunting by saying people want meet but hunting for him is just pleasure. When priorities are ignored Ralph consults Jack about the amount of hunting that occurs and how little work is being done, this chisels an even deeper crack in Ralph and Jack's relationship as we can see from part of the conversation below: Jack: " I thought I might kill". Ralph: " But you didn't"This argument is full of tension which shows in the story, and shows how Jack does not respect Ralph. The defining point in the gradual break up between Jack and Ralph is when Jack returns back from a hunt and is met by Ralph who explains how the fire had went out as everyone had went hunting when their only chance of rescue had gone by in the form of a ship. Jack tried to justify his actions by telling him about the pig which he killed, however this annoyed Ralph even more.

Eventually Jack has decided he has had enough of Ralph's tribe and decides to try and overthrow Ralph:" Who thinks Ralph ought't to be chief " This motion does not prove favourable at the time and Jack declares he is going off on his own and anyone who wants to join him can. Gradually the bigger children go off and join Jack. Jack having formed his own tribe invites Ralph and the others to a feast were he invites everyone to join his tribe:" Who " ll join my tribe and have fun?" Jack picks up on the fact that under Ralph the children had no fun and decides to use fun as a selling point for his tribe. Jack decides to move his tribe to Castle Rock were Jack and some others decide to steal Piggy's specks from the shelters were Ralph's smaller tribe stay. When Ralph decides to confront Jack about this the glasses the twins are taken prisoner and Piggy is killed by Roger.

As Jack seen the island as a thing of fun and games and Ralph viewed it as being work and effort this caused friction between the two. Although the tribe decided to have Jack as a leader it was down to the fact that Ralph and Piggy were realists which was not accepted on the island, Jack's tribe acted as an escape from the work, chores and rules of Ralph's leadership. Jack was a leader in the story and as he had a strong dislike for Ralph the tribe who hated Ralph's work ethics followed Jack, so ultimately the break up of the community was down to Jack and Ralph's dislike for one another. William Golding uses Characterisation to help emphasise the storyline and all the ways in which it could be read.

Simon has to be one of the most interesting and diverse characters in the novel, first time reading the book you may not notice that Simon is portrayed as a Jesus like character. Simon feels all the hate which occurs on the island and has no particular desire to hate anyone. Unfortunately Simon's affection for the other boys forces him to tell them there is no beast only a rotten corpse, like all the truth-tellers on the island Simon is not accepted and is subsequently murdered. Piggy and Ralph are the voices of logical thinking and reason and are cast out ultimately as they are realists, another example of truth-tellers being disliked. Piggy's death shows the intolerance against thinkers on the island. Jack is an interesting character as he represents the theme of 'reversion to savagery'.

Jacks ideals of tribe ultimately leaving two people dead. Jack is always shown to be vulnerable which he overcomes by using his physical strength. All these characters cover a wide range of personalities from a Jesus like figure to thinkers to Savages and without a doubt if this range of different characters had not occurred then this story would have no storyline. There is a wide range of different language used in Lord Of The Flies which reflects on the different backgrounds of the boys on the island. Such characters as Piggy shows his less polished image by using such language as:" I can't hardly move with all these creeper things " This quote tells us early on that Piggy has had very little attention payed to his vocabulary. Ralph contrasts completely to Piggy as he shows his Middle to Upper class background when he uses such language as:" I could swim when I was five.

Daddy taught me. He's a commander in the Navy". Perhaps the reason Golding keeps the language so simple in the novel is that it is based through the eyes of children and their vocabulary reflects what they know (for example, 'mountain' and 'spear' for 'hill' or 'stick') In my Review Of Personal Reading I have shown all the key elements from the novel such as how Jack's aggressive nature conflicts with Ralph's quiet yet thoughtful nature when I explained my main study. On the island truth-tellers are not accepted and in the cases of Ralph, Simon and Piggy an attempt is made on their lives two of which are successful as I proved in my Characterisation section. To relate anyone with Jesus is of great importance and I believe Simon acts as a multiple conscience for the sins of the others as Jesus did. The language is basic to say the least which is used as the story is meant to be through the eyes of a child.

I believe I have now suitably conclude my R.P. R on Lord Of The Flies.