Rama And Luke essay example

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The reason myths are studied in today's culture are because the stories are about the human condition, not about time or place. It is this versatility of myths, that allows Far East's Ramayana to be mirrored in many ways by a far away galaxy's Star Wars. The Ramayana's lead hero is Vishnu, in the human form of Rama. The birth of Rama is divined by priests. The goal of Rama will be to defeat the evil Ravana.

Star Wars starts in a similar fashion with the jedi legend of a chosen one, who can bring balance to the force. Unfortunatly, when Luke Skywalker is born, he his driven into hiding and is exiled to the outer rim of the galaxy. While living in exile in the Dune Sea, Luke makes a name for himself as being the best pilot around town. Rama must face a similar trial to give up his destiny as a leader. One of his father's conniving wives, tricks Rama into going to the wild forest.

Bharata's mother is much like Senator Palpatine, who will do anything for power. While in exile, Rama meets a wise old hermit, who advises him on how to overcome the evil forces in the area. He even gives Rama a sword. Luke Skywalker, meets Obi-Won Kenobi and is shown the ways of the force by the old man. He is then given a light saber, later used to destroy the Emperor. During both Luke and Rama's adventures, their trusted siblings are leading in their place.

One of the most exciting adventures Rama must overcome is to rescue his princess wife from the evil Ravana. He does so, against invincible odds with the help of his valiant friends. Luke Skywalker does the same thing when Princess Lea is captured by the evil empire. Han Solo disguises himself as a storm trooper to avoid detection from the guards when he is helping Luke rescue the princess. Hanuman, is also very clever and he transforms into a cat when he helps Rama rescue his wife.

In the heroes' final battle, they must come to face with the most powerful beings in the world. Luke must face Emperor Palpatine and Rama must battle Ravana. Both characters are helped by redemption of enemies. Rama is helped by Ravana's brother Vibhishana. Vibhishana realizes that Rama fights righteously and that is what matters in life. Luke is helped by the converting of his own father back to the side of good.

Still, the final battle for each, seems impossible. Both the Emperor and Ravana are extremely powerful and even don't use their most powerful weapons early on. Even when the Death Star and Kumba-kar na are utilized, with the help of the heroes' friends, they are soundly defeated. Rama and Luke continue on to defeat their nemesis, and their entire galaxies are overjoyed at the time of peace and prosperity that will reign. It seems like both authors of the stories didn't know when to just stop. Both continue towards somewhat boring story lines.

Rama's wife ends up having two noble twins who learn the lessons of the Ramayana. Princess Lea has twins in Star Wars as well, who continue the tradition of the force. In the end, the important characters in both stories return back to what they came from, mother earth and the force. Ramayana and Star Wars are both adventure stories that draw on human desire for success, action, and love to entertain their audiences. The reason they have been able to endure long lasting success in their cultures though, are their commitment to teaching simple human lessons that can sometimes change the world..