There were two different feelings I had about having English 100 instead of having English 101. One thing was that I was very disappointed because I felt like wasn't smart since I had take this class. Second I felt it would be good for me to take this class for many reasons. Furthermore I didn't like that I had to take the class because I had never taken any remedial classes in my life and I at least thought I was smart enough to take all the regular classes.

But I kind of expected that I would have to take this class since I have never been very good at writing essays. Also I didn't do well enough on the SAT's to take the regular class. Although I did well enough on the Act's to get into English 101 but my advisor told me it would be better to take this class instead of the regular class and I agreed with him. Moreover I thought it would be a really good class to take. When I sat down and really thought about this class I thought it would be really beneficial for me. I am hoping this class will teach me to expand on topics better, so I can write better papers since I have always had the hardest time writing essays in high school.

I just think this class will prepare me for English 101 so that I don't struggle in that class. Also you get the credit hours for taking for taking this class, so that's another thing that I like about this class. Plus I thought it couldn't hurt to take this class. So I feel overall it should be a great class to take. I think I really need this since you have to write a lot of essays in college.

Although I hate writing papers, the more papers I do write will help me get better at writing essays. I hope I learn a lot and hopefully become a better writer.