Relationship Without The Feelings And Attractions essay example

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What is love?!? What is love? That question is the most popular question regarding teenagers and young adults today. How do you know if you are really in love? Why do people love one another? When dealing with love I personally feel that emotions are the first feelings that are shown.

Then after the emotions are all done and over with then reason comes into play. Reason is very important in a romantic relationship, but I feel emotions are also understood as feelings and to start a relationship without the feelings and attractions it is almost impossible to start the relationship in the first place. After the understood emotions are embedded into the relationship then explanation and reason are present. Emotions are apart of everyone's life. No matter who you are you have emotions whether it is joy, anger, or satisfaction. Emotions are a vital part of our lives.

One emotion that is important and sometimes dangerous is attraction. To even consider a relationship one has to be attracted to another person and the other person must be attracted to the first person. Which at this point is a confusing mess, but to put it in simpler terms the two people have to be attracted to one another. Then the relationship can begin.

After the begging of the relationship, after all the jitters and questions, when the real person comes out of both sides that is when the reason enters the relationship. Realization and awareness begin to appear. At this point true love can really begin. The reasoning part can make or break a relationship.

In the end if a relationship does progress is because the emotions started it off and then the reasoning came after. In other words, the two people were attracted to one another. Then they decided, with good reasoning that they should be together and love each other.