Responders Imaginative Journey essay example

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imaginative journeys is not only a concept, it's the foundation of creativity and the mechanism of ingenuity. It transports us to parallel dimensions of fantasy, imagination, speculation and inspiration. Imaginative journeys shape and broaden our understanding of the world and ourselves. Two texts which clearly depict the notion of Imaginative journeys is "Daffodils" by Williams wordsworth and "The lime tree bower my prison" by coleridge, both composers use various techniques to convey the concept of imaginative journeys and broaden our understanding of the world and ourselves. Daffodils is a dazzling and insightful text to utilize when exploring the concept of journeys as the composer has clearly demonstrated the concept of imaginative journeys through various techniques and better helps responder to understand the concept at hand. Daffodils is a delightful, romantic text, which stimulates the imagination making the responder feel engulfed by the beauty presented by the imagery of this imaginative journey.

This poem has an imaginative and romantic approach towards it and takes the responder on a fantastical, imaginative voyage. Daffodils explores imaginative journeys through an abundance of figurative language, which he uses to stimulate the imagination of the responder to have a more vivid approach on the voyage he is taking us on for example personification, 'fluttering and dancing in the breeze,' which the composer uses to give his imagery extra dimension and give the responder a more life like approach to the imaginative journey which he is portraying. He reinforces this effect with similes and metaphors ' I wandered lonely as a cloud' and 'golden daffodils' to further pursue his notion of imaginative journeys by giving us a greater concrete incentive so we may really empathize with the text. Another path the poet approaches in illustrating his concept of imaginative journeys is through aural devices such as the manipulation of tone and the emphasis on rhyme and rhythm. The poet uses tone and first person narration to make this text more personal, to emphasize to the responder the emotions felt through out this journey as the poem starts with a somber tone 'I wandered lonely as a cloud" and finishes with then my heart with pleasure fills. The emotional change although is an inner journey it is an imaginative journey to the viewer as we build an emotional connection and imagine the feelings of the persona.

The rhyme scheme of aba bcc and rhythmic techniques emphasize the attractiveness of the imagery and give the poem a sense of fluidity like that of the fluidity of a physical journey, this subconsciously creates a sense of walking on a journey through our imaginations. We can undoubtedly see the concept of imaginative journeys being portrayed in Daffodils and how the composer manipulates different techniques in conveying his notion of imaginative journeys. We can equally evidently see the notion of imaginative journeys in the lime tree bower as he begins with a concrete experience and is left behind, while his friends embark on a physical journey and he discovers that he may travel the same road even more beneficially through his imagination. Like wordsworth coleridge also takes us on an imaginative journey through his intense and emotional imagery and both use the concept of nature to manipulate its beauty and burn visual images of the beauty which they perceive in our imaginations. Coleridge like wordsworth also applies great emphasis on imagery, really getting down to the roots of the descriptiveness, making his imagination almost realistic for us 'the roaring dell, o'erwooded, narrow, deep, and only speckled by the mid day sun' informing the responder of his fantastical journey whilst simultaneously giving reader mechanism to travel the journey alongside him.

Unlike wordsworth, coleridge has explored imaginative journeys through blank verse poetry he does not use any specific structural devices which suggests a more naturalness to the poem, however both styles depict the notion of imaginative journeys effectively. Coleridge has written in conversational form, whereas, wordsworth has written in first person, but both derive that emotional connection with the responder by making the text more personal. Coleridge uses the structure of a reflective poem thus making it more personal to really appeal to the responder's emotions and get the responder involved along the journey. The tone which is evident in the lime tree bower highlights the personas emotions such as with a falling cadence in the lime tree bower 'well they are gone' this helps the responders imaginative journey also feel the same emotions as the persona as they are both on the journey simultaneously.

After the scrutiny of both poems we can indisputably observe the motivation, which provoked me to include this poem in my portfolio as it lucidly portrays the concept of imaginative journeys and shapes and broadens our understanding of the world and ourselves.