I would like you guys to take a minute and clear your minds. Now imagine yourself back in the 1930's as a 9 year old boy that lives in a neighborhood full of people from your opposite race. Over many years racism has been a disgusting, horrible issue in our world. Racism still exists today, although it is not as bad as it once was. In the historical novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, Mildred D. Taylor explores the issue of racism through the victimization of the Berry Family and Sam Tatum by the Ku Klux Klan as well as an encounter with more disgusting people at the Wallace store. In the novel Roll of Thunder, Taylor tries to show the torment and pain experienced by the African American during 1930's in the south.

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry takes place during the 1930's in rural Mississippi. The relationship between jeremy and T. J i realy weird knowing that they are both from the opposite race. Little man doesnt really mind anyone as being his friend and is one of the bravest out of all the logan family. He tries communicating with everyone but finds it hard to succeed. He is really brave atan ding up with his head straight fighting back for his rights. When the teacher gave him the scrappy, dirty book he wouldnt take it he would fight for what he really deserves.

In the book "Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry" Taylor has created a character which I found was really interesting to talk about as my ISU. The character Little Man was created by Taylor as a symbol of persecution, standing straight with his head up and always fighting for his rights even though the odds are stacked up against him. Little Man knows that he is going to be treated deficiently because of his race. Being a black person like Little Man is very derogatory for the white people.

Little Man seems to be a very courageous man. Even though he was treated poorly in some occasions he would always fight for his rights, doesn't matter who it is. "Why do I get the old, scrappy book when everyone else gets a brand new one?" (p 84, Taylor) He was outraged at being given a book which is a castoff from the white school. He is very brave even though, as I mentioned before, the odds are against him he won't hold back until he gets what he really deserves. "No Tj I am not going to leave I came here to buy mamma these goods and I won't leave until I get them". (p 145, Taylor) Little man is also a very intelligent 12 year old boy with a highly developed sense of right and wrong, able to read before he started school, Little Man prides himself on cleanliness and cannot stand humiliation as when he was punished by the teacher for refusing the very poor conditioned book allotted for the black children or when he was splashed by the white school bus.