According to Kant art has no rules and norms. For him anything that has rules is knowledge, and everything that is knowledge can be made from those rules and norms. The question then is: How can art be made? Going back into history from the prehistoric period, and later Renaissance and Modern times we see that art had always followed different kinds of rules and norms. Some of them were eventually broken, some of them stayed longer than others, but there was always someone who tried to make up rules for art. According to Kant art has no rules, but it wasn't like that during the period of Renaissance when rules were made by the Catholic Church and the law enforcement institution was the Inquisition.

It wasn't like that during the period before the Impressionists, when the laws were made by the academies and schools. But then came the real geniuses, in their own time they started pushing the limits. They tried different things. Things that didn't follow the rules, things that weren't in the mind of everybody. They were the bright brains of their own times who helped other to stand against and follow the thoughts of exceptional people. These people broke the laws of the Inquisition; they broke the laws of the schools; they did what they felt they had to do.

They created the Art. If there weren't people like this, the world would be a different place. Art would be a place full with laws and rules. It would be like mathematics, a world where everything is exact and precise. Imagine! Now art has no rules.

Then how can it be done? The answer is very simple. It can be done the way any individual wants. Because the art is not about the rules, art is about the personality and imagination. And that's the best way to develop your imagination without following rules. That's the way to feel free to create..