BOSTON - Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - especially not the Celtics, who got away with one when the Chicago Bulls collapsed in the las five minutes and bowed to Boston, 109-104, Sunday night. This was a classic "ugly" win by the Celts, who trailed for virtually the entire game. In the last five minutes the Celts rescue the game with a 15-1 burst. Many Fans left the Building thinking the Bulls choked.

In any case, Boston haven't been playing well lately. Portland destroyed the Celts over a week ago, and there was a four point win over Atlanta last Tuesday. The Cleveland Cavs were all over them Saturday night, taking a 109-99 decision, and they could have easily lost to Chicago. "I think everyone just wants to get BOSTON - The victory was great it helped the Bruins to look ahead. And the light at the end of the tunnel was not an on going train. "We were dying for a win", Said Coach Butch Goring after the Bruins broke their four-game win less streak with a 4-2 National Hockey league victory over the New York Rangers.

Center Ken Lineman, sidelined with a broken hand since November 21. Defenseman Ray Bourque, out since December 8 with a twisted ankle, should return Thursday night against the Hartford Whalers at Boston Garden, And Charlie Simmer, sidelined since November 10 with a knee injury, is expected to start skating again within a couple of weeks. "Hopefully, we " ll soon be a health hockey team again", Goring said. "then we will get to see how we can play with the 19 guys we originally chose for our hockey team". Dave Pas in broke a 2-2 tie midway through the third period.

Center Barry Pederson ended a scoring slump with his through the (regular) season", DJ remarked. "We have an excellent team, and if there's anything that causes us to bumble, it's a lack of concentration. I've already seen it happen a few times this season". The Celts can start in Chicago Tuesday night. After the Celts soft performance at the Garden, the Bulls will go into that one thinking that they should win. 11th and 12th goals, leading the Bruins past the Rangers before a crowd of 11.644 at the Garden".

The big thing is that, with all the injuries to key players, we " ve hung in there", Goring said. "we " ve struggled, but we " ve fought. There have been a lot of games we could have lost, but the guys have hung in, refusing to quit."I'm happy I'm back playing again, but I'm not totally happy with the way the season has gone". said Pederson. "However, we sat down and evaluated my game, I went back to basics, getting my head Back into the game. My mental game is back and I've got my confidence back". You that there something was wrong with Milton McCrory when the Las Vegas ring Physician asked him where he was and he answered, "Somewhere out west".

McCrory said that he was drugged in his Dec. 6 loss to Donald Curry. Drug has nothing to do with it, and everything with the beating he took. The standard post-fight urine test by the Nevada Athletic Commission came out negative. Chuck M inker said that McCrory didn't show any signs of being drugged in his locker room before the fight.

McCrory has no memory of the bout, and no proof of being drugged. Fighters are famous for rationalizing defeat. Muhammad Ali called upon a thyroid condition to explain his 1980 loss to Larry Homes. Roberto Duran lost the "No Mas" boat to Ray Leonard because of an upset stomach.

Boxing, in its precarious state of public disenchantment, could go under with a major drugging scandal. Upcoming Fights Dec. 17 - Sam David vs. Luigi CamputaroDec. 21 - Tyrell Biggs vs. Tony Anthony Dec. 27 - Mike Tyson vs. Mark Young WASHINGTON - President Reagan will meet House Republican leaders tomorrow to try to persuade them to turn around his faltering plan to overhaul the nation's income tax system, the White House said yesterday. He will go to Capitol Hill when he return from ceremonies at Fort Campbell, Ky., honoring the US soldiers who died last week in a plane crash, a spokesman said. Reagan suffered a major political setback last week when only a hand full of republicans joined an effort to bring a House vote on tax reform, his top legislative priority. The procedural move was defeated 223-202.

"This is one time politicians must be put aside on both sides of the aisle". Reagan asserted in his weekly radio address. "We " re on the edge of a breakthrough that can bring personal income tax rates down to the lowest level in over 50 years". The president began his address, delivered from the Oval Office, by speaking on the major initiative of his second them in office. Democrats have said the tax initiative may die unless Reagan is able to get 50 GOP votes in the House for consideration of tax overhaul next week. "I'd like to make a personal request to the House of Representative - you have the opportunity to provide the relief that millions of Americas demand", Reagan said, "if together, Republicans and Democrats would agree to a format fro considering this vote, I believe there will be sufficient bipartisan support for tax reform to pass".

Reagan was referring to the fact that all but 14 Republicans in the House voted to block consideration of the bill by calling the situation an "impasse". The House refused to bring the tax overhaul for a vote. "There are ample excuses for not going forward, there will be no justification if it does not". Reagan said. House Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. has said that Reagan must personally assure at least 50-75 Republican votes or he will bring the bill to another vote in the House. "Unless it is overturned, the result can only be defeated for all Americans who know taxes are too high and the system is hopelessly unfair".

Reagan said. "Unless significant numbers of Republicans join with the president, I'm afraid its off for the year". Foley said in an interview with Cable Network News. 2 shocks hit Mexico The earthquake that hit Mexico on Sept. 19, consisted of two different shocks less than half a minute apart, rather than one as originally believed said geologists that studied data from the quake. This double-barreled effect may have greatly increased the impact of the quake, which killed as many as 10,000 people, they said.

The first shock lasted about 16 seconds and was followed by a lull of about 26 seconds; the scientists said. Then, they said, a second pulse of about 16 seconds came from a point 60 miles apart from where the first pulse originated. As a result of the double event, the shaking of the city lasted much longer than it would have with a single shock, and caused much greater damage to buildings. At least 300 buildings were damaged by the quake, which was the largest to strike North America in more than 20 years. Spain Expels Cubans Cuban Vice Consul Angel Alberto Leon Cervantes, left, and another diplomat cover their faces as they prepare to depart from Madrid airport after being expelled by Spain. The Spanish government accused four Cubans of trying to kidnap a Cuban defector, said by exiles to be a spy but called a common thief by the Havana government.

SALEM - The owner of he newly opened Hillcrest Motors dealership on Highland Avenue has plans for a combined residential high-rise development and health complex on land in back of the dealership. "Plans are still in the conceptual stage, but I in vision one or two high-rise buildings, totaling a combined 175-225 condominium units". said Ralph Cerundolo of Swampscott. The health complex would be built as an anne 4 x to the towers. Designed as an all-purpose center, it would include such features as an Olympic sized swimming pool, tennis court, sun tanning rooms, hair-styling salon, boutique and restaurant, "all the amenities", Cerundolo said. Cerundolo is looking for "working partners" to participate in the project, especially those that are experience in the health club field.

Cerundolo is owner of Cycles 128 in Beverly and Life Sports sporting goods store at the East India Mall. He was the promoter of the coors bicycle race in Salem last year and is a distributor of bicycle equipment. He has been involved with some residential developments, but he said this would be the first commercial residential one.