Adolescence is a period in life where one makes mistakes and learns from them. However, most mistakes have consequences and repercussions. At the age of 17, my parents decided to move the entire family back to our homeland, Dominican Republic, after discovering that my sister and I had been "borrowing" their car while they slept and driving it without driver licenses. After the initial shock and resentment wore off, I realized that moving to Dominican Republic was the best thing that ever happened for three major reasons: I grew closer to my one and only sister, my grades improved, and I became more independent. To begin, I grew closer to my one and only sister for a few reasons.

For instance, we attended the same school in Dominican Republic as opposed to when we were in Miami. Secondly, since we were both experiencing the same emotions, we were able to comfort each other. Third, having a mutual goal of moving back to Miami on our own made us more than sisters, it made us partners in crime. To this day, our relationship keeps going strong and we are closer than ever. In addition, my grades improved.

Before we left Miami, I had just barely passed 11th grade, and was looking at a rough senior year. Since the private high school my parents enrolled me in had a different format than my old school, my chances of graduating on time increased. Also, there was less distraction, and I was actually turning my work in by its due date. Last, I became much more interested in college and my future. This was a huge change from the girl whose last thought was a college education. Finally, I became more independent.

I realized that in order to make it on my own, I needed to grow up. With the help of my parents, I learned to cook and clean. One can only eat junk food for so long before you start missing a real, homemade meal. Next, I got a job and started budgeting for my upcoming move.

I also made living arrangements for both my sister and I in Miami, as well as, research what type of employment was available for high school graduates. Doing this made the transition from "living under my mother's skirt" to "an adult that is making smart decisions" much easier. Although moving back to Dominican Republic was meant to be a form of punishment for my mistake, it was actually a blessing in disguise. This major change of scenery gave me a stronger bond with my sister, a second chance at graduating, and independence.

What more could I ask for?