A Streetcar Named Desire Midst Tennessee William's play, A streetcar Named Desire, is based on the tragedies of a family. The main character is Blanche DuBois, she is a troubled middle age women fighting demons with in her own head. She is also a victim of her own thoughts, and one in reality. Blanche comes from a rich family and married when she was very young.

Her husband was disorderly and performed un greatly in front of Blanche. This made Blanche very upset and angry at her husband. Later on he shot him self. Blanche is now so traumatized and can not get this picture and sound out of her head. This vision is haunting her and has not allowed her to get close to a man sense. In scene six Blanche grabs a young boy collecting for the evening star.

She then pulls him close and says, "Young man! Young, young, young man! Has anyone ever told you that you look like a prince out of the Arabian Nights?" (84). Blanche then pulls him close and with out asking kisses him on the lips and tells him to run. Blanche also dates one of Stanley's friends whose name is Mitch. Mitch and Stanley work together and are best friends.

Blanche tries so hard to get close to Mitch but she has hidden secrets from her past. When Mitch finds out these secrets he is appalled. He finds out that she had stayed at the hotel Flamingo. Blanche in return tells him, "No! Tarantula was the name of it! ... a big spider! That's where I brought my victims".

(118). She also confesses her story to Mitch that same night, she says", Yes, I had many intimacies with strangers, After the death of Allan-intimacies with strangers was all that seemed able to fill my empty heart with. I think it was panic, just panic, that drove me from one to another, hunting for some protection-here and there, in the most-unlikely places-even, at last, in a seventeen-year-old boy" (118). Not only is Blanche a victim of her self and her sins, but she is abused by many people sexually. In scene nine of the play Mitch and Blanche fight. Mitch looks at the bed with an eager look, and looks at Blanche with a blaze in his eyes.

At this point in the play Mitch would have raped Blanche if he would have had the courage, and if the Mexican women wouldn't have been out side to here Blanche screaming. Unfortunately later in scene ten Stanley comes home after the baby is born. Blanche has been drinking and tells Stanley that she is leaving. Her story is first convincing but then he catches her in her lie. Stanley became very ferrous, and beats on Blanche.

The beating then results in rape. He tells her "We " ve had this date with each other form the beginning" (180). Blanche is not only a crazy woman but she is a sad victim. This exciting and dramatic play by Tennessee Williams, is full of lies, lust, and love.

A Streetcar Named Desire, tells a story while telling an illusion of dreams and wishes. Blanche DuBois is the victim but the excitement of the story.