For this week I chose a new movie by Disney that came out a little while ago called, "Fantasia 2000". It's really neat it was in stereophonic sound virtually computer generated. It has objects that represent the sounds of the music. It's very detailed with tone color and dynamics that made a viewer feel what is going on rather that being told the emotions by and actor. They were very successful at doing this. I listened to it at home with a huge stereo that consists of two fifteen inch speakers with the mid range and high range tweeters.

I also have a set of twelve inch speaker setting next to those with a pair of ten inch speakers behind me. I was surrounded by music and I really felt the music. There was a song named, "Pines of Rome", that had whales that flew in the clouds that I thought was pretty intense. It was a compilation of a few different movements starting with fast then it mellowed down to a legato smooth easy feeling with a infant whale strolling around the ocean depths looking for his group. The third part of the song had a strong unity feeling which builds the feeling of unity when he finds them. It's like a opera but with digital animation.

All the songs were written in the 19th century and was played by the Chicago Orchestra. One of the songs that I felt was the best out of the whole movie was, "Firebird". It had a nature person that went around with a mellow happy tone adding life to the wildlife that was dead. It was in the A B A ternary form with the last A being the prime it changed a little bit. She character of water was the nature person that spread life all over the land.

She came across the land to a volcano which erupted and had the low brass pounding the melody into her, it was brutal and really represented the tone of the actions taking place. This was the B part of the song. Then came that other A part, she got picked up after being battered and torn by the devil volcano, by a deer and she started crying and that started to spread life back into the land. She gracefully moved along with the music in the same way that she was in the beginning. I got to perform this piece in marching band when I was in high school and I loved it.

It was a crowd pleaser that gained respect by the audience as we performed. It sent chill's down my spine when I was able to blast that hard core rhythm of notes that just put a tone of domination toward what ever is in the path of destruction. "The Rhapsody in Blue", Had an opening in fugue where the melody repeated itself with different instruments mimicking different voices of the music It started of with a single note played on the violin and it built off that into a orchestra with sustained notes and melodies backed with rhythmic power that made the listener feel the irony of the people living in the big city of New York. All the music was classical and moving with different arrays of color and texture that you just have to hear.

I actually liked the "Fantasia 2000", because it is great work. It should be appreciated because of the music shaping the characters thoughts and emotions along with their feelings. The music was the words.