Sample Nightclub Business Plan (web) BackgroundSummaryThe generation of today has a lot of focus on leisure and off-time. They are looking for ways to escape their everyday lives and let loose. Whether that is dancing to new age music, having a few cocktails, or dining out with reasonably priced food. A nightclub can provide all these accommodations, and is the perfect venue to open up is done with some thoughtful planning. There are some important elements to consider. Location is always a key element.

A new venue such as a nightclub needs to be accessible to the masses. This could be off a highly traveled road, close to a major recreation center, or in a newly developed city center. Reasonably priced food and drinks are others ways to keep people coming in. Finally, service and entertainment are what will drive the club.

This particular nightclub will focus on the mass appeal. With many different accommodations, it will focus on all age groups. From sky boxes for private parties and conferences to a dining room and bar with collector of musical and dance memorabilia, the club will entertain everyone. Opinion The business plan for this nightclub has some great ideas. First of all the location is great. The club will be located a newly developed town center.

This is a high profile place where many of the locals will check out, as well as the tourists. This will give the club excellent exposure to people who otherwise wouldn't know about it. A nightclub in the newly developed area will be effective in that there currently is a lack of social activities currently available to the 21-35 age groups. There are no professional sports teams or other high energy activities around. A nightclub can provide this activity. By offering more than alcoholic drinks, the club will bring in a wider variety of people.

They will be providing games such as video games, pool and shuffleboard for additional entertainment and appeal to people not there just to drink. The food in the club will be affordable and appeal to many. There is your typical bar food such as hot wings, nachos and burgers, as well as moderately priced entrees. In addition to the amenities, the service will be key.

There will be friendly high energy staff available to create a comfortable environment. Having a high staff to customer ratio will improve the service in the club. The target audience the nightclub is aiming at is well designed. They are appealing to childless young professionals, college students, tourists and business travelers. This is typically the type of people who enjoy clubbing, eating out and like to drink alcohol. It is also a demographic that is growing.

According to the market analysis table, this population will grow 13.95% in the next five years in this area. If a moderately priced and fun atmosphere is created, business should grow. In addition to the services in this nightclub, a high energy dance theme will create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for people to enjoy. This is similar to clubs in bigger cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago. Trends show that for these types of clubs, the market is growing. The primary revenue for this nightclub is food and alcohol.

I feel that a cover charge and drink specials will create more. A cover charge will allow revenue without much cost. Though drink specials will bring less per drink, the total amount sold should be much higher and could bring in more customers on those particular nights. Also there main competitors offer specials on certain nights such as college night with dollar beers and ladies night. This club should come up with its own special to become more appealing. The staff at the club will be offered trainings and be offered recognition programs for outstanding service.

This will encourage its staff to give 110%, hence improving customer service. This is a good strategy in order to keep patrons happy and willing to return. This exceptional service may differentiate this nightclub from others. As far as marketing goes; the club will promote through radio media, print ads and in-store promotions. This is a good tactic in order to gain exposure. They will give away free drink coupons and VIP passes.

Who wouldn't go somewhere for a free drink or two. This is an excellent way to get new people to at least peak their heads in for a look and a drink. In analyzing the sales forecast, I think that are accurate. They predict higher traffic in the months of June and July on Friday and Saturday nights. This is a good forecast to plan around in that many people take vacations, have time off, and generally like to go out more when it is warmer. This is also a good plan in that more women will wear less clothing to club, which in turns brings in more single men.

In conclusion, I feel that this business plan will be a success if the marketing and strategies mentioned are followed. If they promote special drink nights and provide high energy music combined with service tactics the crowds and profits will be flowing in. Source web.