The topic of whether boxing should be banned has been a highly debated topic in our society with ample amount of points both for and against the argument. The sport boxing comes under the category of "blood sports" even this name implies that the sport is violent and lays a bad example for society to follow. Many people would say that this is the case and many parents feel they do not want their child to be trained to hurt and damage other people. And if possible they would like the sport outlawed to protect themselves and their children. Also people feel that the boxers themselves are overpaid! The fact that boxers get paid millions of pounds to beat their opponent up is just ludicrous in some people's eyes.

They would rather have their children involved in safe sports. However boxing is not all bad in fact there is just as many points against banning it as there are for it. One of them being it promotes self defence, this is something which will be essential for children growing for growing up as I believe that it is impossible to go through your full life without being confronted by violence. Also sport scientists say that the training sessions for boxing increase mental and physical endurance. So with all these good points for boxing why do people not see that it can make people more defensive and is a great way to keep fit. Also it is an Olympic sport.

In conclusion I say there is no way to end this argument and keep everyone happy. For some people boxing is their only livelihood and for child protecting parents who do not want their child watching this mindless violence simply change the channel!