William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" is a story about how love can and will conquer all. Each relationship in this story represents this clearly. As for today's society, many people have given up on this dea. In the world today, this idea of a "storybook love" has not been present for many years. Divorce is higher than ever, and in many cases, one may never even get married. Some people even get married because they think if it as the right thing to do, whether they are in love or not.

No one hardly has a relationship like that of Claudio and Hero. Claudio first saw Heo and instantly fell in live with her. Hero and Claudio fell in love purely through the love their eyes have for each other. Even when Claudio feels Hero has decieved him, they are reunited and even more in love. The other relationship, between Beatrice and Benedict, is at first based on trickery and deception, but they actually fall in love as a result. A developed love is shown and in the end their love for each other has been nurtured into the point of commitment and marriage.

These two relationships reveal the true power of love. Where there is love there is a commitment. I think maybe we all could take some hints from this story, even if it is a "storybook love". Maybe we should give up on our modern day cliques, and live our lives according to a "storybook love". And in the end maybe love can conquer all.