How Students Fail Classes In todays society there are many things that people have to do even though they dont really want to. An example would be going to school. Many students dont want to, but they believe they have to to help their chances in excelling in the world. However, some really dont care about school. As a result, a large percent of students fail their classes, which is a major problem in todays society.

Not coming prepared for class, having trouble paying attention in class, and having to face many distractions are three major reasons for their failure. Many students do not come prepared for class. Their minds might be somewhere else starring off into space, daydreaming about Sasha, or thinking about whats going to happen next period. Those students are not mentally prepared for class; they dont have their minds on what they are supposed to be doing. Some students are not physically prepared for class, by not going to school because theyre not feeling well, or by skipping classes theyre not to found of. Students who have low self-esteem or lack confidence in themselves tend to not come emotionally prepared for class.

If students are not prepared for class it makes it harder for them to pass. A number of students have trouble paying attention in class. An example would be a student sleeping in class. When students fail to get a good night sleep, they tend not to do as well in class, and end up failing it. Many students have trouble listening to their teachers instructions. Either they cant comprehend what they are saying, or they really dont want to hear them.

Talking with another person while the teacher is talking can also contribute to the student failing a class. Its not only rude but it can also get them into trouble. Students have to be willing to pay attention if their desires are not to fail. Distractions students have outside of the classroom may affect them in sid as well. A large quantity of students are faced with family problems, such as deaths within the family and a dysfunctional family.

These family situations result in pulling students minds away from their schoolwork. Another distraction would come from students involved in relationships. Break-ups and arguments in a relationship can cause students to get off course in doing their schoolwork. This leads to a lack of concentration in the classroom and eventually failure in the class. Friends have a major influence on students today. They may get students to do things that dont correspond with school.

Some friends are going to either make students or break them. All in all distractions may get students out of focus and cause them to fail their classes. These are the major reasons why students today are failing their classes. Students now can make the decisions that will help benefit them, by paying attention in class, coming prepared for class as best as possible, and try their hardest to avoid distractions, even though some of them are unavoidable. Therefore, by evading these causes of failure, as hard as they may be, students may be able to pass their classes.