Successful Many Canadian Soldiers essay example

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Ortona Was forced to be captured by Canadian because it was blocking their path to Rome The Germans blew up many bridges in the area to give them an advantage This worked temporarily, since the number of Canadian deaths were significantly high However, the Canadian's eventually went on to winning the battle, even against Germany's elite troops December 27 was when Ortona was capture by the Canadians Canada's role was very effective Dieppe August 1942 - five thousand Canadian troops on the French port of Dieppe were picked for a raid Had been trained in England for almost three years with British commandos and American Rangers to attack the port This raid was prepared in order to find out what was needed to make an invasion across the English Channel successful Many Canadian soldiers were defeated even before the attack was underway because of the German's smart thinking to attack from above them Thousands died and it was a very unsuccessful battle that left historians confused as to why it even took place; Canada did not play an effective role Hong Kong Compared to the length of training the Japanese had, the Canadian soldiers were unprepared to battle Their job was to defend positions on the nearby island of Hong Kong On December 19, Japanese soldiers attacked and eventually outnumbered the Canadians by 10 to 1 Hong Kong would quickly surrender on December 25 When the invasion was over, every Canadian soldier was either captured by the Japanese or killed during the attack Canadians who were captured were taken to Japanese prisoner camps for three and a half years; forced to do slave labour Canada's role was not effective at all Normandy Canada's role was successful in the Normandy Invasion By the end, more than 155,000 soldiers, 6000 vehicles, and 36000 tonnes of supplies had been landed in France Canada had even pushed to go farther inland than any of the other troops, however, they ended up loosing almost a thousand Canadian soldiers Although this may have been somewhat of a loss, it didn't compare to what they had gained.