Argumentative Essay: Could The Titanic Hav BeenArgumentitive Essay: Could The Titanic Hav Been Averted The Old Seed Jack rolled down the window of the old 1987 Dodge Ram pickup truck and tossed the cigarette butt out. It was bleak November and the cold air rushed into his face.? How we doin? for time?? He asked the dark-haired man driving the truck.? You know how Mario gets when we? re late for a delivery.? Gordy wrenched the steering wheel sharply to the right and turned down a dark street leading to abandoned warehouses.?

Don? t sweat it, man. We? ll make it.? They were a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Rundown buildings, beat up chain link fences with bared wire curling at the top, a few desultory dogs crossing the road. You could say this was No Man's Land. Gordy shut the lights and they coasted for hail a block.

Then he cut the engine cold. It was so quiet you could hear Grandma Wheezing in her grave. Jack bit his lip and said, ? I wish you? d go in.? But he got out of the truck and gave three sharp knocks on the derelict steel door and this sweet little old lady answered.? Are you all right?

I got worried, thought som in might have happened to ya.?? No mam, where quite alright.?? Well you boys hurry up and unload then come in for sandwiches and chocolate milk.? Jack and Gordy were two of the luckiest men ever. To think, they were scared of a lady who was not more than five feet tall.

She had to be the cutest little old lady in town. She had these tiny hands that were so wrinkly, they reminded you of raisins. Her hair was white like a ghost, but it was all done up as if she was on her way to the ball. She had on these aqua green pants with a white shirt and cardigan.?

You boys hurry on up now, it's cold out there and I wouldn? t want you to get sick now.?? Lets go Gordy. The faster we move, the faster we can go.? The boys went to the back of the truck and lifted the most beautiful chest with a key.

The chest was made of cedar wood, which smelled amazing. It made you feel like you had been hiking in the woods. They entered the house and could smell the sweat chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.? Are you making cookies?

Chocolate chip, of course. You boys are stayin to have some? We wouldn? t miss it for the world. Where did you say you wanted this? Through those doors and just in front of the bed.? She followed in behind them.?

This is the room my grandchildren sleep in when they are over. I had this chest made epically for them, so I can put everything that they give to me in there and all the things that they cherish so 20 years from now they can open it up and remember all the wonderful times.? She walks out of the bedroom and into the front room where she keeps her pictures on top of the mantel that sits above the fireplace.? These are my little ones. Madison is five, Tommy is three and Billy is six. They? re coming over for the weekend.

I can? t wait to see there little faces. Come on boys, the food is in the kitchen.? As they walk into the kitchen, they see the beautifully set table with wild flowers in the middle. There were a stack of sandwiches on the table and two large glasses of chocolate milk. Their eyes grew as if they had never seen food before. They sat down and started to eat.

Suddenly they stopped and looked up. Jack turned and grabbed Gordy's hand and the little old lady's and said a prayer.? Bless this food we are about to eat and the hands that made it for us.?? Thank you. That was so delightful now eat up.?

The boys devoured every thing in sight. Then the oven beeped and the cookies were ready. The boys mouths started to water and there eyes grew bigger and bigger. They couldn? t wait to sink their teeth in the big, juicy chunks of chocolate.? Slow down boys, they need to cool off before you can eat them. Why don? t you follow me into the room here and we? ll talk a little while we wait.?

Just what the boys wanted to do, listen to some lady go on and on about nothing. She started off by telling them the things her and her grandmother did when she was little. How she would go fishing, hunting and swimming in the pond in the back. The times they? d go flower picking to decorate the house. She could remember it as if it had just happened yesterday.

The distinct smells. How it gives her such sweet memories that she wants her grandchildren to have. This was the house that her grandmother had lived in and hopes that one day her grandchildren will live in and pass it down.? You see boys, that's the whole point of the chest, to keep the memories alive.? The boys were in amazement. They never knew just how much they took life for granted and the way they had treated this little old lady in the beginning.

She lived an awesome life and wanted to share it with others.? Well boys, the cookies are ready.?? Thank you, but we? ll have to take them to go or Mario may fire us.?? Alright boys, but you come back and visit any time now, you here.??

Alright, see you later. And thank you for everything.? The boys went back once a week and chat with the little old lady at the end of No Man's Land and found a newfound respect for life. THE OLD SEED Submitted To: 372.