In the story A rose for Emily, symbolisms demonstrate an immense relation to the theme of the story by the author, William Faulkner. Symbolisms help to indicate several meanings in the story including: how her hair helps to show her resistance to change, how she could not get away form her father's control even after his death, and how the room where Homer died shows that she loved Homer and her desire to stop change. First use of symbolism is in the description of Ms. Emily's hair, as she grows older. After her father dies, her hair was cut short (84), and the narrator say, It is sort of tragic and serene (84). This symbolizes her belief that she is finally free of her father's control over her, because she probably would not get that style of hair cut had her father been there to influence her.

Another instance is in her later years her hair becomes iron-gray. The iron in iron-gray symbolizes her stubbornness and strong will, because iron is a very strong element and it is mentioned several times throughout the story. Next, there are several examples of how her father's control over her is great. The townspeople picture Emily dress in white standing behind her father, and he in the foreground holding a horsewhip. The whip symbolizes his austerity and desire for Emily to be a wonderful little girl.

When her father dies, she refuses to bury him saying he is still alive. This can also exhibit his control over her even after his death. Emily's may kill Homer after he has decided to leave her also can also symbolize her father's control. Her father has influenced her so much that she feels it was wrong for Homer to desert her, so she may kill him in order for him to remain with her as if they are marry. Finally is the use of color to symbolize her love for Homer Barron and her desire to keep thing the same.

After Emily's death, many of the people in the town spot into one of the lock rooms and discover that most of the room and its objects were red. Red is usually the symbol of love. Also, the way in which Homer's body was found symbolizes her love for him. She must have cared for him because she took the time to undress him, put him in his nightshirt, and laid him on the bed. IF she had just wanted him dead and not to be with him, she probably would have her servant dispose of the body. Also if she has allowed him to leave her there would be dramatic changes in her life such as the town pitying her even more.

There are many symbols in A Rose for Emily, and each one had a special meaning relates to the theme of the story. Each reader must be determined the meaning for the story defend on his level, and therefore, each time the story is read it can take on a new form. Which will make the story last forever. She told them that her father was not dead. She did that for three days. (p 83) her hair was cut short, making her look like a girl, with a vague resemblance to those angels in colored church windows sort of tragic and serene. (p 83).