Technological Future essay example

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The late 19th century witnessed the marriage of science and industry that continues to this day. The development of technology, no longer strictly the realm of independent inventors was guided and financed by companies searching for new products. At the same time, technology became a part of everyday life, made the world a smaller place, and became a more important force in shaping European and world events. People in the 1890's held expectations for the future.

In 1939, the World Fair, called "The World of Tomorrow" was held in New York City. Flashes of genius by inventors working on their own birthed most of the dazzling discoveries of 1939. The inventors weren't striving for money or fame. They genuinely were looking for a way to improve people's lives. To restore public confidence in the private sector, exhibitors at the 1939 New York World's Fair focused squarely on the future. The World's Fair held a first for many things, which gave spectators a greater hope for a better future for both their children and for themselves.

Now has that expectation of parents and grandparents changed for their children? The twenty-first century has become a new technological era. At the same time, the world is at war with terrorism. Which will prevail, the technological future or terrorism?

Although terrorism has caused heightened security, a drop in stock values, and an emotional breakdown for many, the world is fighting back. The expectation of parents and grandparents has changed for the future, but not for better or for worse, just for something different. Technological advancements are made everyday. Yes, there is a War on Terror, but it will eventually end.

People are scared of what will happen in the future because of terrorism because it is so fresh in their minds. Organizations and countries are putting aside their differences and coming together to keep the world safe for all. The "superpowers" (the most powerful countries) have come to realize that working together for prosperity can be more successful than working against one another. Nearly every country in the world is a WTO (World Trade Organization) member, and none has resigned. Even China now seeks membership.

With the many countries of the world working together, the thoughts and ideas of each separate country will come together. Technological advancements will be made together, creating not only separate, "okay" technologies, but great and powerful new ones. As cars and computers were showed in the World Fair in 1939, new technologies have been produced to upgrade and enhance each new product. One does not only have to have a car that runs on gasoline anymore, hybrid cars are now available, which run on electricity.

One does not have to go home to use the computer anymore either. The Internet is available on cell phones, iPods, laptops, and personal pocket computers, like a Black bury. More students are now going to college and getting a better education. Young adults are realizing the importance of school in their future.

They want to be able to live comfortably in the future, and they know that in order to do that they must first succeed in school and later in work. With this new school / work ethic in the community, it can be said that they economy will become better. This is a technological era where the only conflict (war) in the world is on terrorism. Although the terrorists have succeeded in upsetting both the economy and its people, the world has managed to pull through. Not only has the world tried to come together to overcome the devastation of events like 9/11, but the world has become stronger and is trying to bring democracy upon countries in desperate need of help. The world can overcome terrorism and beat it, but technology is something that will be ever changing for the better of the world..