Chapter summaries In chapter five May Belle's dad gives her some Twinkies. On the bus Janice Avery (the school bully) hears May Belle telling Billy Jean (May Belle's best friend) about the Twinkies. At recess time May Belle comes to Jess saying that Janice stole them. May Belle says, 'Kill her!' and calls Jess yell er. Jess and Leslie get back at Janice Avery by writing a love letter and signing it Willard Hughes.

It told her to meet him outside after school. The hard part was getting the note inside her desk. When she found it she waited outside the school for nothing. When she came back to school the next day she was really mad. Chapter 6' The Coming Of Prince Terrien " By: Desiree Jackson Jesse's family was already obsessed with Christmas, and it was a month away.

He was disturbed about what he was going to get Leslie for Christmas. He didn't have a clue, because his Father only gave him enough money to get his sisters something. He was on the school bus and saw a box that said 'Puppies 4 Sale'. He asked the bus driver to let him get off, at first the bus driver said no, but then Jesse told him that he was running errands for his mother.

Then the driver told him if he gets in any trouble his mother was going to know it. Jess surprised Leslie. She loved the puppy. They called him Prince Terrien of Terabithia. Ch 7 In this chapter Leslie, her dad and Jess started doing up the old Perkin's place.

They favored one room the most. They called it "The Golden Room" because it was painted gold. Jess gets to meet and know more about Leslie's family. One day Janice Avery fell down on the bus and she blamed it on Jess. She kicked up so much noise, the bus driver told Jess to walk home. She also ate May Belle's Twinkies.

Jess and Leslie met at Terabithia one evening and they talked about a way to trick Janice. So they write a note that said, Dear Janice, I love you. Lets meet at the school playground and I will walk you home. Yours Truly, Willard Hughes.

Ch 8 In Chapter Eight Leslie goes to church with Jess. Jesse's mother didn't want Leslie to go with them. But Jess insisted that Leslie should go. At church Leslie didn't sing the songs that they sang in church.

On the way home Leslie told Jess that she didn't believe in the Bible. Jess didn't say anything. Ch 9 This chapter is about an evil spell that was cast on Terabithia. It wasn't a real spell though. That day it was raining a lot and Jess never had any rubber boots so both he and Leslie went in their bare feet.

Leslie was saying, 'Oh spirits of the grove. ' Jess and Leslie had wild imaginations. They were trying to cast off the spells that were being cast on Terabithia Ch 10 In Chapter 10 Jess stuck out of the house to go with Miss. Edmund's to the museum. Jess thought of bringing Les ile with him but he decided not to. When Jess and Miss.

Edmund's went to go have lunch Jess found out he had no money. Jess ended up having a three dollar meal and Miss. Edmunds paid for his meal. When Jess and Miss.

Edmunds came out it was sunny. On the way home Miss. Edmunds told stories about when she was the shortest one in the whole grade. When Jess got home he noticed something was wrong.

Jess stood quietly for a short period of time. Brenda with her big fat mouth said, 'Your girlfriends dead and mommy thought you were dead too. Ch. 11 In chapter 11 Jesse's dad told Jess that Leslie was found dead at the bottom of the brook.

She wanted to go to Terabithia. She went to swing across the brook on the piece of the rope that was tied on the crab apple tree. She swung across and the rope snapped. Jess wanted to cry, shaking his head yelling NO! Jesse had lost his best friend! He started to run.

He ran to the main road. While he was running he started to blame himself. He was stumbling now. Behind him he heard a car horn beep. He couldn't turn around. He tried to run faster but he couldn't.

The pick-up stopped ahead of Jess and his father jumped out. His father caught him and held him like a baby. For a few seconds Jess was struggling. His father put him in the pick-up. Jess went home and lay down on his bed. When he was asleep he had a bad dream.

He was talking to himself. He sat down and ate pancakes. His father sat down and asked if he was ok. Then Jess got up from the table and left to go to Terabithia. Ch 12 In Chapter 12 Jess and his family went to the old Perkin's place. Jess went to the door and P. T started to bark.

A man came out and said, 'Hello'. Jess and his family went in the house. People were crying inside. Jess wanted to see Leslie's dead body but Bill said that he has to take Leslie's dead body to Pennsylvania the next day.

Then Jess goes out the door and goes to the river. He pours out all the paint that Leslie gave him for Christmas. At the end Bill comes over and gives them P. T so that they can go to Pennsylvania Ch 13 In the chapter thirteen of the novel Bridge to Terabithia. Jess starts building a bridge because it was better then swinging on a rope. So he starts building the bridge and hears May Belle calling out for HELP. May Belle was stuck trying to get across the tree bridge.

She got half way and stood there grabbing the upper branches, terrific to move either forward or backward. Jess had to go get her. He put out his right hand and he told May Belle to hold on and slide sideways on the bridge. She let go and got across. After Jess made her Queen of Terabithia. Plot summary: Bridge to Terabithia is set in rural Virginia in the mid 1970's.

At this time the structure of the country was very unsettling. The time and place that this story takes place was when the war was just ending. The three main group characters in this story were the Burke's, the Aaron's, and the students and teachers of Lark Creek Elementary. Jess Aarons, who is one of the main characters, is the middle son of four sisters in the Aarons family.

His older sisters Brenda and Ellie are very close to their mother, and don't have much use for Jess. Jesse's younger sisters, Joyce Ann and May Belle, look up to Jess as someone very special, someone that can look up to. In the beginning of this novel Jess was very lonely, he had no friends. When Leslie came along, he and Leslie developed a strong relationship together. They probably would have become friends for life, if it wasn't for Leslie's tragic death. Jess and Leslie used to go to T.