I believe dance is a sport it is also an art. An expression. A passion. An Entertainment. It should be in olympics. I do not understand why I must write an essay for this website.

It is ridiculous. I desperatley need this though because I am doing a report for school, but I am terrible at essays, and I just need a source for a persuasive essay I am typing up. I need five sources. I have three so far. I keep looking on web sites but none give me the information i need. This one would be perfect.

So if I could just fit in enough words for and essay, maybe I can get through to it. Please help me out here. My teacher is horrible, and this is due tomorrow. How embarassing. I wonder if anyone actually reads these? I wish I knew how to write a real essay; I cannot.

I will go nowhere once I start writing college essays. How terrible is that? No way I am getting an english degree. I want to be a dance major, yet I am not that great a dancer.

If that fails, I will just go to FIT in New York and study my second passion, Fashion. I just finished watching Center Stage, the movie. It is so beautiful. My life dream was to become a prima ballerina. Same with my mother. But I have never actually studied ballet.

I have only danced for three years on my school dance team. I am pretty darn good for not having studied dance though, not to brag. I cannot think of more to type about so hopefully this will do me good. Thank You for your time. God Bless.