Tess of the D Urbervilles Essay In the novel, Tess of the d Urbervilles, the characters personality combined with the unfortunate coincidences lead to the ultimate tragedy. In Phase the First, subtitled The Maiden, Thomas Hardy gives a strong sense of fate at work through the series of incidents that led to Tess impurity. In the opening of the novel, there is a strong emphasis on Tess ancestry. Tess father is very proud and eager to claim kin as he thinks it will benefit the family in some way. There are many small details that prepare readers what is to come later. If it isn t so important, Hardy will not have opened the story in such a way.

Beauty is a luxury but in Tess situation, it leads her to danger. There are many occasions where Hardy describes Tess beauty. She was a fine and handsome girl and people will grow momentarily fascinated by her freshness. Due to her appearance, she is a potential victim of lust. Besides her beauty, her innocence and compliant personality make her doubly susceptible to the evilness of the world.

She was mere vessel of emotion untinctured by experience. She doesn t know what the world is like and hardly knows how to express her discomfort. Readers sense her helplessness when she says, but- but- I don t quite like Mr d Urberville being there! Every scene with Alec conveys a philandering impression of him. At his first meeting with Tess, he calls her my pretty coz. He is already mesmerized by her beauty that he watches her at every opportunity.

Had she perceived this meeting's import she might have asked why she was doomed to be seen and coveted that day by the wrong man. Furthermore, the scene where Alec takes Tess to Trantridge greatly reveals Alec's character. He is a reckless, lascivious person who takes advantage of Tess vulnerability. He makes several attempts to kiss her. Although Tess resists him many times, her resistance only make him more persistent. These two incidents already prove fate is working against Tess and that tragedy is foreordained.

Early on in the The Maiden, Tess encounters Angel. He and his brothers passed through the village and saw some young girls dancing. Angel becomes interested and was invited to dance with them. He almost chose the first that came at hand, but that is not Tess.

Later, readers will realise that if Angel had chosen Tess for his dancing partner, they may have developed interest in each other at that point and Tess may escape her fate. In a conversation between Tess and her brother, he innocently questions whether they live in a blighted or splendid world. Tess answers that they live in a blighted one. This builds up the uncomfortable feeling of what is imminent.

Her life isn t very bad at all until she says that. She cursed herself into it. Not long after their discussion, Prince, the family breadwinner, dies. Tess holds herself responsible and feels inclined to repay for the horse so she travels to Trantridge and meets Alec. If one thing has not happened, the next will not have followed. It is all the work of fate.

The villagers of Trantridge go to Chase borough every week. One time, the people become drunk and an argument breaks out. In Tess desire to escape from the group of vulgar people, she is thrown coincidentally into the clutches of Alec d Urberville. She has repeatedly declined Alec's invitation of him taking her home but ends up being with him anyway. Tess r ties to avoid any interactions with Alec but unfortunately, fate is at work. She has no power to stop Fate and his evil deeds.

The villagers suspect what is to happen but no one makes an attempt to help her. There were many classical allusions to stories of passion. However, Syrinx and Lot is escapes their destiny, Tess does not. These allusions prepare readers for the coming event. If only the people aren t drunk, if only Alec isn t around at the time and if only the people helped her, Tess does not have to endure emotional turmoil eternally.

Tess and Alec become lost in the ominous shrouds of mist and fog. This is how Hardy covered up the controversial action. Details are never given. The phase finishes with, K practically blank as snow as yet, there should have been traced such a coarse pattern as it was doomed to receive K why so often The wrong man the woman K This incident scars Tess for life. Tess is clearly portrayed as a victim of Fate. She cannot control her own destiny despite the many attempts she makes.

Her fate is predestined. She was doomed to it. It was to be. There are many occasions when Tess could have been rescued from the situation.

However, other factors will lead her back to the road where she will meet her fate.