Their Products And Services essay example

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Johnson & Johnson is one of the world's most broadly based organizations of health care products and related services for the pharmaceutical and medical markets. It has built its name and reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality products and services. The red Johnson & Johnson signature, that is the company's logo, which is known worldwide as an emblem of trust and high ethical standards. Along with Johnson & Johnson's Credo, which are the guidelines of the behavior of the company's employees. Johnson & Johnson has a valuable brand asset that generation's confidence and great respect for the unique regard in which Johnson & Johnson is held. Johnson & Johnson exist due to the patients and health care workers whose quality of life is improved by their products and services.

They create value by creating a high quality of care and trust to their customers with safe and effective products. Their name alone stands for quality of life worldwide and helps charitable and educational programs and donates millions of dollars for research. Johnson & Johnson contributions help fulfill their customers needs by expanding its product line and supporting many issues. Johnson & Johnson inputs include raw materials, money and capital, human resources, information and knowledge while it outputs include finished good, services, dividends, salaries and value for stakeholder.

At Johnson & Johnson research development maximize all aspects of global research, development and marketing. Within these processes they create a new standard for quality, quantity and speed by taking advantage of emerging technologies as well as powerful data analysis tools. The organization brings together exceptional people with both biology and chemistry backgrounds, enabling them to maximize their knowledge of scientific excellence. Their goal is to discover and to develop new drugs that provide significant advances in the treatment or prevention of human diseases. In the end, this creates new products that help to improve the quality of life, give the company a competitive advantage, have low cost prices, and establish a profit.