Canada is currently experiencing an almost unparalleled boom in its economy. Canada is most active trading partner is the United States, but it has carved fertile in-roads with many of the top trading nations in the world. A significant portion of the Canadian population is employed in business, finance and administrative occupations, areas in which skilled worker immigrants often find employment. Many Canadian businesses meet the demand for information technology workers, and for other skilled individuals, through immigrant recruitment. As you see Canadians are smart people, who produce goods and services that are valuable today throughout the world. This will allow Canada to develop more in the future and certainly will make life in Canada better.

I love Canada the most for its beautiful nature. Canadian landscape consists of mountains, tundra, forests, lakes, and prairies. The climate is wet, sunny, cold, and snowy all at the same time. Not any where in the world will you find a country that offers such diversity.

Canada is also democratic country where the rights of people are highly respected. Canada has made a choice to govern by federalism. By doing this Canada has agreed to unite. This will improve the protection of the future, prosperity, and freedom. So if Canada has agreed to unite, it should eventually be accomplished.

Dreams don not come true over night. But as Canadians, we should believe that we can make this country a promising nation for all and I think that we all succeed in doing it. Canada has remained truthful to creating a secure future for everyone. Canadas goal is marriage, not divorce.

This requires love from both sides. The people of Canada must support and accept decisions made by the government, and trust they are for the better. In return the government should allow more say by the public and is doing it. What is it that Canadians really want? How can everyones needs be met, and standard of living be equalized. Doing this is ensuring a win-win situation for all of Canadians.

All Canadians are proud of being apart of a country that really cares about each citizen. A country that celebrates its uniqueness, through the sprits it has nurtured. Over the vast mountains, across the providing prairies, over the hills and into every valley, from sea to sea. Canada stretches its arms to reach out to every person.

To help their dreams fly. The people give back to Canada; they secure her, with a promising leader. By maturing our ideas and thoughts about federalism, the image of peace becomes clearer. In my opinion symbolism plays significant role in shaping the Canadian national identity. Canada has its own unique symbols that live in heart of every Canadian and unite us. Canada has symbols that are patriotic such as the Maple Leaf flag, which is very important to Canadians.

Many objects themselves can even be used, unofficially, as Canadian symbols. What greater unofficial Canadian symbols are there than anything that has to do with hockey, and justifiably so. Canada has been the most successful nation when it comes to hockey. It is identifiable throughout Canada.

Nearly every Canadian town has an arena in which residents could find blindfolded. On September 28, 1972, one of the most familiar phrases in Canadian history was broadcast across the airways; starting with Heres another shot. Right in front. They score!

Which Canadians will likely finish with. Henderson has scored for Canada. (1955 Canadas victory over the USSR in an international hockey series) Another hockey symbol is the mere name of Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky is more recognized outside Canada than the Canadian Prime Minister.

There could someday be a movement to have the theme from Hockey Night in Canada changed to the National anthem, where Canadians just stand in silence listening to the recognizable theme song. It would put up a good fight for sure. I love Canada just for it is Canada, my country where life is happy. I am proud to be Canadian, because Canada is wonderful in all aspects. I do not want to move some place else just because Canada is MY country.