-Reaction Paper-Investigative Journalism Media functions as a overseer when it use its power to expose wrong side of administrative associations. This media's "watchdog" feature show itself with investigative journalism. Investigative Journalism has positive and negative effects above all state and private. We have to look at these different aspects. Investigative journalism's biggest positive effects is to push people work correctly and honestly who work in different. Nobody wants to fall into a trap who composed by a investigative journalists and its hidden camera.

Now this hidden cameras mostly using for exposing the misuse of authority or health scandals. Investigative journalism start to function as a in community in course of time. This type of journalism provides people to work right and prevents them to abuse community or the state. Investigative journalism ensure that justice is done. However there is a problem.

Is investigative journalist in a right place to investigate? or does this journalists regards his self-benefits? This compose of the negative sides of the issue. When we look at media bosses in Turkey. There are portraits of people who has different kinds of corporations in industry and market. And we can't expect that they expose their rotten sides of their corporations. Because this against's to their self-benefits.

They naturally don't want to lose prestige and profit. So there can be a lot of wrong things which is concealed because of this media bosses self-interests. Another thing about investigative journalism is the hidden camera. This harms people's personal rights and honours. Sometimes people who is suspicious pulled to trap by a journalist.

And this is not suitable for the principles of journalism. Also hidden camera sometimes enters to private places such as houses of people. Exposing them without permission in their private place is not ethical for my opinion. In addition to this, investigative journalism generally exposes small companies which composed with small amount of money and worker. After exposing them, they can't recover themselves and put an end their business life in the market.

After that, the market remains to big companies which has big capital. Consequently, this serves to a big companies and its big bosses. Wheel of the system clear away the weak part of the market and work with its rules. Of course these big companies has links between these media bosses. This links sometimes direct and sometimes indirect. Investigative journalism has a great power but the problem is how this power used and who use this power?