Phillip Lucas Mr. Tar low 120 English The book I have chosen to research is High Performance Training for Track and Field. Every since the age of nine I have been in love with track. My uncle would make bets with the other guys in the neighborhood that their kids couldn't beat me in any all out sprint. And believe it or not I never lost until two years later when I raced my cousin Ernest, he was eight years older than I. When I got beat I pushed myself further. The more I ran the more people looked at me and wanted to find out why I ran, and what makes me so fast. The book I've chosen to research talks about all the correct ways to train, and what work- outs are best for any event.

It has a work out for every single event. It first a-tempts to break you down; to were you are to sore to do anything else, then after that they will build you back up stronger than you were before. It teaches you how to get a work out from home, work and school. I compete in six events so as you can tell I spend a lot of time in to track and field.

The most important thing to me is rest! A lot of athletes don't get that. It is said that an athlete should get eight hours of rest the night before and the night before the night of the race. The biggest thing that plagues athletes is discipline, as well as any body. A lot of times discipline can save our lives. Being on the track team has taught me a lot about discipline.

Of-course in other aspects of life nothing just comes to you. The biggest reason I chose to write about track is because it is my base in life. I base a lot of things off track like in life there " re some things you just don't do. For instance, drugs your not going to caught me doing drugs because that's something you just don't do, especially Lucas 2 when you want to be something out of life. I've always wanted to compete in the Olympics I'm going to compete in the two thousand four Olympic games. And there's no way I'm going to throw away all this for a few minutes of pleasure.

Saying all that to say this "Track is my life and as long as I'm alive I will continue doing it. Drugs will not be the key to this athlete's downfall. My research paper will go in depth to show the area of importance track has on my life.