i think sex is the best thing in the world i wish all i could do all day is have sex. i think we should all be able to have sex all day, dont you agree. people take too much time during other things when they should be having sex all day & night long. i wish i were the president of the united states, i would make a law that prohibits people from working long hours during the week. we need to take more time for sex. sex is the best thing since sliced bread dont you agree? we should also come together as a peolpe and vote se 3 x as americas past time. not baseball, who wants to play baseball when you could have sex all day and night long. my second reason for thinking this way is that women love sex too much not to do it all day long. i wish i could change the society pictures having an orgasm. i think all black peolpe should come together and vote sex as the number one thing to do in our homes. we should raise all people to respect sex and everything it has to offer. people dont realize what they are missing out on. the finer things in life come at a price, and oral sex, or plutonic sex are all great things to do while keeping the devils mind idle. i think i will teach my kids to have sex for a living, it will make them a better person.