I found this book totally outstanding. Its a book full of descriptions, makes you want to read on every chapter. the a uther makes the book very touchy, and intreging. At times the book makes you want to cry, its so poiniant. After reading this book I find mys lef very lucky to have what I have. There were times when i re-read the paragraph just to see if it was really saying what it was saying. This book is my favourite book of all times, because its not the type of book that I would go for and it had kept me reading and reading for such a long time, which is rare because I'm not in to books which make you feel sympathetic, but I give this book all the ratings.

At first, when i heard about it I thought that this book must be over rated, but after reading it I take it all back. I would advice anyone to read this book. If you feel this book isn't your type by the title, take my word for it, you can like adventure books, factual books, novels, picture books but you will love this book. Ths i book was first introduced ti me by the libri an, because every time I went there, i kept asking for books like the goosebumps, and adventure books like that, and she divided to see what I would think of this book. There are follow ups to this book, which I have read, and personally I don't think they live up to the good standards set by "A child called 'it' ".