Expressionism is a quality of inner experience the emotions of the artists communicated through their art The Expressionists era was an art movement dominated in Germany that enhanced this idea In Germany, experienced economic political, and social upheaval after Word War 1 The uprise of Hitlers Nationalist Social Party, debt of World War 1 lots of artists at that specific time wanted to expose the negative aspects of that The Late Romantic Era was one in which composers took music and pushed it to its boundaries... they were the rebels sort of speak of the period This period was also known as Post Wag arian Arnold Schoenberg was born on Sept 13, 1874 in Vienna Germany Austro hungarian Composer was an orthodox jew He started off playing violin when he was young and soon started composing thereafter he didnt have any real mentors that trained him except Zemlinsky who was a teacher and friend for a short while He said his greatest mentors were Beethoven and Wagner All music up to the Late Romantic Period of time was all tonal music A period of Chromatism came into play By playing tones that a rents supposed to be in the key creates a stronger and more effective dissonance thought that it brought out more mood Schoenberg along with other composers like him, thought that Tonal music "governed" theyre way of composing so decided to compose and conduct atonal (free tone) music Schoenberg Developed the 12 tone system also known as dodecaphony (all twelve notes of the chromatic scale) which became a leading way in composing this kind of music Early in Schoenberg" career he public hated his music and acted to it violently. Left germany in 1933 because of anti's emetic laws in Germany Fled to france and then America came to Boston and later Died in Los angelos July 13th in 1951.