Over the years foreign influences have changed lots of countries' and nations' destiny. Either economically or politically, influences force countries to change their way of living. Some of them could not resist the influence and vanished from history. Others stand like a rock in front of the influences and have their own identities as pure as it was at first day. Wounded Knee and Turkey are two places which evidenced different kinds of foreign influences.

And there are some similarities and differences between them. Throughout their history, Turks had to struggle with the nations who wanted to take control of them. Turks also fought with the difficulties which were caused from developments in European countries like England, Spain, France and Russia. In middle age, Ottoman Empire had the control of trade on Europe and Asia by capturing the land which covers Silk Road, begins at China and goes through Europe, before Vas go d"o Gamma, a Spanish sailor, found a new way to India traveling around Africa. This effected Ottoman Empire's economy badly.

Hence they could not get the tax which was paid for goods passing through Silk Road. Moreover it was a deep impact for Mediterranean Sea trade. Sultans were forced to find a new trade way to activate trade in Mediterranean Sea. Sok ulu Mehmet Pasha created a new project which links the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. That would made the way from Spain to India very short and the trade ships would have to cross through the Mediterranean Sea. But the Empire could not perform the project.

Another spectacular example of foreign influence on Ottoman Empire is Industry Revolution in England. Industry Revolution occurred a rapid development in machine technology and power supplies. It became easier and faster to create a new product. Thus Ottoman Empire's handicraft industry was unable to compete with the new technology.

So the economy collapsed down Western and southern Turkey was invaded by England, Greece, France and Italy after I. World War. Turks objected to give their lands to the new comers. They believed that land bequeathed them by their ancestors. Nationalist feeling increased in Turkey. Ataturk was the man who triggered and organized the resistance. He set foot on Samsun in 19 May 1919.

He held meetings and congresses at Samsun, Erzurum, and Sivas. This was the beginning of the Turkish Independence War. Wounded Knee is the site of a massacre of 150 to 350 American Indians in 1890. It represents the influence on the Native Americans. England, Spain, and Dutch invaded the continent one by one beginning with the Christopher Columbus exploration the continent in 1492. Englishmen used civilizing methods to capture the continent.

They placed a crown upon the head of Wahoonsonacook, one of the Native Americans, and dubbed him as a king. Hence they insured peace long between his tribe and new settlers and they eventually took control of the tribe by the settlers. Moreover Wahoonsonacook's daughter Pocahontas married John Rolfe, one of the Englishmen, this led Wahoonsonacook to lose his identity in favor of English ness. Spaniards also forced Indians to change their religion and shipped them to Spain in order to change the Indians' religion. This brought enslavement to the continent.