Trifles And Flower Feet essay example

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Feminist Criticism Thesis Statement: A Work of Artifice, Trifles, and Flower Feet are excellent examples of the outdated and distorted ways in which women were seen in the past and are viewed presently. I. What is Feminist Criticism? A. Feminist Criticism is an approach especially concerned with analyzing the depiction of women in literature, such as the images of female characters male authors present and the reappraisal of work by female authors. B. Feminist criticism grew out of the women's movement of the 1960's. II. What Literary Works Depict Feminist Criticism? A. A Work of Artifice by Marge Piercy B. Trifles by Susan Gla spell C. Flower Feet. How Are Women Portrayed in A Work of Artifice? A. In her poem, "A Work of Artifice", Marge Piercy uses the bonsai tree as a metaphor for women.

Using gardening terminology, she paints a picture of the subordination of women without needing to directly tell the audience to whom she is referring. IV. How Are Women Being Portrayed in Trifles? A. In the play, Trifles, the title sets the tone. Trifles is a word used to refer to things of little importance or value. Throughout the play, two women find several small items, or trifles, that could make or break the case against a woman accused of the murder of her husband. While the sheriff and the county attorney search for evidence, they overlooked the things that they believed were trifles, the women and the evidence.

But, as it turns out, it was the women and their so-called trifles that solved the crime. V. How Are Women Being Portrayed in Flower Feet? A. In the poem, Flower Feet, the persona describes the barbaric but traditional custom of foot binding. The women described in the poem subject their children and their children's children to this torture because the men in their country find small feet beautiful. The persona begins by describing the tiny shoes that look like tiny embroidered flowers. In the second paragraph, she abruptly changes the tone of the poem by describing the crippling pain of those extraordinarily small shoes. The poem unsettlingly ends with the women being thankful that times have changed so that they will not have to do this to their daughters. This poem suggests the radical things women will do to themselves for the attention of men.

VI. What Impact Do These Literary Works Have on Women and the Ways They Are Viewed? A. Impact of Works on Women B. Impact of the Works on Men.