The sound of shots fired can be heard all over the world, not the sound of war, but the sound coming from most televisions around the world. Most shows on T.V. use horrific act of violence. Advertisements using "sexy" models are on in between each one of the shows that we watch. By examining violence and advertising one can see that media today has a bad influence on children. Violence is a threat of physical force intended to cause physical harm to a person or group of persons. Some television shows today show the heroes as male and the victims as female, showing who does the violence and to whom it is being done to.

An example of this would be "Spiderman" and "Superman", all of the heroes are male, saving the women in distress. This type of media offers a way for children to feel powerful. Children watching violent television shows or movies may think that violence, or bullying is "cool". In the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", bullying is visible and the person is powerful and has a lot of "connections". When children watch this type of behavior, they may strive to be like that and get caught up in acts of violence. Violence in media is hard to avoid and has a harmful impact on children.

Advertisements include paid advertisements or commercials that appear on T.V. programs specifically made for children. Children are effective influencers of family purchases. Children "pester" their parents into buying products that they neither need nor understand. They are getting spoiled and think that they always get what they want. Advertisements often use sex to sell their products.

The expression "sex sells" is always heard, children pick up on it and want to look like the "sexy" models they see on T.V. Children are growing up too fast, wearing make up and revealing clothes at a young age. Advertising is a bad influence of children because it promotes sex and makes them spoiled. Violence and advertising in media are found all over the place, and set a bad influence on children today. You rarely see someone who looks and dresses smart and mature on T.V. We often see the "sexy" approach causing children to hate their bodies and strive to look "sexy". Violence and advertising should not be used in children's shows or movies.