There are no doubts that power appears with both advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, power could be defined as the ability of satisfying its users! wills. It is the production of intended effects and it could be physical or spiritual. Power itself is neither good or bad, it depends on the way it to be used and once it is used, it has both advantages and disadvantages. To prove the point, four of most popular types of power, which are power of love, violence, anger and media, will be discussed with evidences from various sources include three supplementary materials, two images and also the text, !

(R) The Longest Memory! , a book that speaks about the life of slaves and whites on an 18th-century Virginia plantation. The book is built up by different text types with different authors or speakers and that gives different points of views from different angles about those issues that show the power between slaves and whites. Love is a type of spiritual power and the power of love can encourage people but it can also make people lose their sense. Both the effects depend on how the power is to be used.

There is a typical example from the text, The Longest Memory, which is the love between Chapel and Lydia. Chapel is a slave while Lydia is the daughter of the plantation owner. The existence of their love between each other will bring them the most severe troubles especially for Chapel. However, Chapel loves Lydia so much and the power of love gives him bravery to be with Lydia without any regards of any danger even death. (P 62)! ^0 He said Lydia was never to see me again.

We meet at night, back to back, without pen or paper.! +/- The quote is from the poem that written by Chapel. At that time, Chapel and Lydia were just caught by the plantation owner, the father of Lydia when they sitting together and reading. The owner whipped Chapel severely and gave him an official warn of no more meeting with Lydia.

Obviously, as a slave, Chapel would easily bring him the death penalty if he kept staying with Lydia. However, love of power lets him conquered the fear of death and motivated him to go on meeting Lydia. He chose running away to meet Lydia in the free Northern America. However, what happened at last was he was caught by the overseer and whipped to death.

Power of love didn! t make the welfare that he and Lydia always desire, on the contrary, it made Chapel lose his sense so that he abandoned his father alone, left his lover, Lydia endless sorrow and a worthless death to himself. He didn! t get advantage from the power of love because his misuse of love. He let the power of love maddened his mind and sense and this caused all the mistakes he made. Here is another example, which is poem that written by a man called Drago 7908 to his girlfriend Marsha.

In his poem, he said, ! ^0 I have this driving force that keeps me going day after day. It pushes me, it motivates me, and it strengthens me. This driving force is called LOVE - An emotion that I have experienced while being with you. The Power of Love gives me the strength to move mountains and hills that may keep me from being with you.! +/- These words certainly show the positive effect of power of love on the author.

In his case, the author uses power of love for encouragement therefore it gives him strength to overcome the difficulties of life in various aspects, give him the will to be alive in any kinds of plight. Finally there is an image on the next page that shows the love in Titanic between Jack and Rose. In this image, the two characters are looking into the eyes of each other with holding the hands tightly in the icy seawater with only one plank. From their expression, they know they love each other, but the power of love didn! t madden Jack!'s mind, on the contrary it calms him down in such a dreadful condition.

He uses the power of love to persuade Rose to live with caring about whatever happened to him. At last, he sank into the sea but his power of love kept Rose alive. He got what him want under the condition of one of them had to die because he well used the power of love. Through all the evidence here, it is clear that power of love can be well used or misused.

Well use of power of love produce the bravery of facing difficulties and misuse of power of love produces only mistakes and troubles. Anger is a type of spiritual power and the power of anger can motivate people to improve or achieve but it can also drive people crazy to cause unexpected mistakes. Both the effects depend on the way that the power of anger to be used. For example, in the text, ! (R) The Longest Memory! , there is a scene that the overseer Sanders whipped the runaway, Chapel to death with two hundred-lash penalty. He wasn! t mean to do this but the his anger that caused by Whitechapel drove him absolutely crazy.

(P 23-24)! ^0 He threw off his shame and donned an armor of rage. He shouted that his entire day had been eaten up with the pursuit of a renegade. He said he! d faithfully returned the criminal to the plantation when other would have disposed of him upon his capture! - you are a slave. Now get our of my way, or as god is my witness, I will strap you up next to your and give you as many lashes for your insolence.!

+/- Here the power of anger slaps away the order of the plantation owner from his head and maddened him so that he offered a two hundred-lash penalty which caused him to kill a slave who wasn! t supposed to be killed and disobeyed the order from his boss who will punish him for what he had done. He misused power of anger because he didn! t know how to control the power and this caused all the unexpected mistakes. Recently there is a movie called! (R) The Hulk!

Inside the movie there is scene that Bruce was fighting with another young and strong scientist. Bruce couldn! t overwhelm that guy because he wasn! t willing to fight. However, the endless blows of punches on his face lit his rage. Suddenly the swelling anger inside him b lowed out and gives the will to fight for his life. After he said, ! (R) don! t make me angry!! the extreme power inside him released him from the hands of the evil guy and he threw the man out through the window.

He became the hulk. In this case, power of anger revived the will of living inside Bruce and gave him the extremely power of defeat the threat in front of him. He used the power of anger to motivate him to fight and at last he saved himself from death. Therefore, from the comparison of these two typical cases, it is clear that anger can be well used or misused.

Well use of power of anger can motivate people to strive for their goals but misuse of power of anger can bring people the saddest mistake. Violence is a type of physical power and power of violence can upgrade the people!'s status in some situations but it can also bring trouble to the users. Both effects depend on how the power of violence is used. (R) The Longest Memory! , Sanders Senior mentioned the rape he didn! t to Cook in his Journal, (P 45)! ^0 after she put my boy to bed I waited for her to pass my door, grabbed her arm, covered her and dragged her to my bed.

I told her if she made a noise she would soon be dead.! +/- From his words, it is clear that his overwhelm strength kept Cook in silent. The power of violence brought him comfort but it also brought him troubles after the news has been heard by the plantation owner. He was fined and ordered to make an apology to Whitechapel, a slave who has proposed to marry Cook before Sanders Senior raped her.

Therefore in this case, Sanders Senior misused his power of violence, not only did a crime but also threw himself into a extremely shame situation as a overseer. There is an image below which shows the power of violence. This picture shows two guns pressing against a black boy!'s eyes with the dreadful scream from that boy. Although this is not a agreeable thing to do, power of violence appears a big advantage here because it can scare people and force them to obey. It is exactly the same case in the text, ! (R) The Longest Memory!

The reason for slaves could not fight for their freedom is that the whites possess the guns. They were afraid of being killed if they didn! t try to please the whites and that was how it made the whites a big advantage to ruling the blacks. Though slavery is ultimately a bad thing, for the slave traders at that time. Power of violence did make them the advantage because they all pointed their guns at slaves instead of themselves. Therefore, according to the text and the image, it is already clear that power of violence can be well used or misused.

Well use of power of violence can make people the master of the world but misuse of power of violence can put people on trouble. Finally, media is a type of physical power and power of media can make dreams become truth to the general public but it can also convert the real truth to lies. Both effects depend on the way it to be used. (R) The Longest Memory! , there is a editorial Chapter. Among those editorials, the first one used very educational technique to debate for the right to beat the runaway to death. It said, (P 2 paragraph 6)!

^0 the nature of the crime committed in the Gulf was never stated in the media in the same way that 20 years after the war in Vietnam, it is extremely unusual to see or read in the media the truth that United States attacked Vietnam, not tried to save it. As in Vietnam, so it was in the Gulf, where the mass murder of people was passed off as tragic, at times even! (R) a mistake! Both were described as!

(R) noble crusade!! +/-. Everyone knows that whipping a man to death has been a criminal, however in this editorial, the write used his smart diction to debate for the whites by converting convert the cruel killing to an unavoidable act of discipline and describe the whip hold by the slave driver as the responsibility for the destiny of several lives balanced against his need to prosper. He has converted a criminal to a salvation magically by the use of media and it created a great advantage for the whites to make excuse for themselves and as well as a great disadvantages for the slaves who will continually be treated like animals. In this case, the power of media creates the both advantages and disadvantages on two different majority respectively.

It is a well use of power of whites and misuse of power for slaves. There is the other example from a piece of feature article titled! (R) the hidden power of media! There the author mentioned the democracies in US and Britain. (Paragraph 2)! ^0 The secret is that propaganda in liberal democracies, like the US and Britain, is much more thorough than in dictatorship.

No imprisonment is required. No loss of fingernails is called for.! +/- In this event, it said that the media in those countries support democracies and its power did make this common public!'s dream become truth but it also destroyed the ambition of those bad politicians. Thus in this case, the power of media is well used for the general publics but it is misused for those dictators. Therefore, power of media can be well used or misused.

Well use of power of media can produces advantages and misuse of power of media can produces disadvantages. Therefore, according to all the discussion with sufficient evidences above. The point of this essay has been proven. Power itself is neither good nor bad, it depends on the way it to be used. Love can not only empower people to face to difficulties but also can make people lose their normal sense; anger can not only motivate people but also drive them crazy; A gun can not be only used for murdering but also self defending; media can not only lie to the public but also save the public. All types of power have advantages and disadvantage, and the way people use it, the way it effects.