Website Analysis Formative Assignment web The Mecair website is very neatly presented. Its purpose is to provide information for the user on air-conditioning. This business is self owned and has a few locations in Adelaide so it is representing itself. The information provided is presented in a neat matter. It is not cluttered with links or advertisement giving the user relief. It is user friendly with well organised and easy to use navigational tabs showing things from products to store locators.

There is one link on the page which is also a website I will analgise, whereas. com. au it is used to promote on how to get to the Mecair companies. The data that is mainly requested by Mecair is your email. After not entering any details or even a comment clicking on the submit tab, I was presented with "Sorry, the email address you entered is invalid". I believe that the information you enter in will be used for things like newsletters and specials. web The Where is website is one for a user to locate places in other states or even near by. It is very useful for users planning on going on a trip. It is user friendly and very straight forward.

It contains things like digital maps, map purchases and business services. Some links are included all to do with communication, e.g. Bigpond, Telstra. com, yellowpages. com and whitepages. com. They are very easy to use and locate. The data that is requested mainly reflects on the users email and the details that are requested by the user e.g. Locations in Darwin. This data that could be collected could be used in many different ways e.g. Surveys on which is the most popular state to travel to. It is unknown where the data is kept and what for. web The career one website is very colourful, easy to read and easy to use, although quite clustered.

It is designed to help the user to find their perfect job without even buying a newspaper. It can even store your resume so that you can apply from a click of a button. There are links at the top of the web page, not having anything to with one another as it is a network of news interactive, things like Fox Sports, Classifieds, Dating and Real estate are included. They are very easy to use and are effective for the user in a hurry. Even though it is clustered the navigation is very straight forward and easy to use. A lot of personal data is requested, e.g. Your resume.

Personal details could be used for unknown reasons. web The trees for life website is very neatly organised. It is colourful, well presented and user friendly. Its purpose is to give information to the user about the importance of trees and know how you can help by planting them. There are many links with in this website under "Related Sites" things such as Environmental links SA, Environmental links National / Interstate and Environmental links International.

There are navigational tools on the left side and from each category comes a drop menu with related topics, they are easy to use. No real data was requested only an email address was given for contact. web The Commonwealth Bank website is very clustered with data. They have taken just about all information from the bank and tried to put it into a website. It is although colourful and easy to use once knowing your way around, but for a first time user like myself it was time consuming to work things out and how to navigate. It contains links to other bank websites in connection with the Commonwealth Bank, they were easy to use and easy to find. Navigation is as I said before, hard to use as a new user as it is quite clustered and not straight forward with the tab selections.

A lot of personal data is requested from this site and even though it says it is a secure website personal data, e.g. Credit Card number could be hacked out of it. web The Adelaide Square website is a shopping site where the user can go the groceries without even leaving the house. It is very user friendly with pictures, colours and easy to use navigation tools. Because a lot of data is being stored it is very time consuming to find exactly what you want. It contains a few links throughout the site to do with the same categories. Once you choose a product and try to purchase it and if your not a member, it will not let you do anything more before becoming a member.

Not much data is requested apart from your email, it will probably be used to send the user specials on items they buy and also maybe for newsletters. The site is secure as it is stated on the home page but you can never be sure. web The Transport website is very useful and user friendly. It is designed to provide information on things to do with transport, e.g. Registration, Permits, Safety and Freight. It provides quick links all with similar purposes, they are easy to use and have quick navigation.

Not much data is requested from this site apart from feedback and the contact us section. Data like your postal address are requested but are optional so I believe that any information given off would be sent to your email address. I believe that the data is safe from intrusion.