Shannon Grady Topic: How to create a web page Purpose: Inform Specific Purpose: Explain to people that a web page is a valuable resource for any business or product. Thematic Statement: People of all ages use the Internet every day and it's continuously growing at a rapid rate. In the century we live the Internet is one of the most productive ways to advertise. Attention getting material: If you ever noticed almost every product and business has a web site ranging from doctor web pages to celebrity web pages. We should all start thinking about and becoming familiar with the options and resources available for building a successful web page. I. Getting started A. What kind of web page do you want 1. basic 2. elaborate II. Options A. Do it yourself 1. easy to follow instructions.

How much time and effort do you have to build a web page 1. hire an experienced designer, which costs money Steps A. Choosing a web site with easy to follow procedures 1. homestead 2. tripod. Things you need 1. A PC computer 2. Some kind of internet connection service 3. An email address. What you need to do 1. first turn the computer on and log onto the internet 2. type in. tripod. com or.

Homestead. com 3. For example on the tripod web page hit the enter key at the opening page of the Tripod site. 4. Sign up as a member on the upper left side of the page a. choose a user name. b.

Select a password c. Click register 5. enter your email address 6. enter to complete your registration. 7. Next click on build site 8. Then click on create a new web site 9.

Now begin building your homepage 10. Now fill out the rest of the fields on the page. a. color scheme. import graphics 11. once you are done, update it regularly Conclusion: As you can see, I have illustrated the great benefits of having a web site. John Gram states, running a business is not easy, but building an effective web page can often make a big difference for you and your company. Every one of you wants to have a decent salary and having a web page will help you increase your wages.


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