1 A... is Lee from B: He's from Japan. A Wher What How 2 What's... address, please A your you your 3 Kyle gets up... nine o'clock. A ion at 4 They had telephones 100 years ago but they... have televisions. A don' didn't doesn't 5... painted the Mona Lisa A Ho Who When 6 He has... three books. A buyinbuy bought 7 How... apples do you need, sir A man much more 8 He has been here... three days.

A ye since for 9... she like playing tennis A Has Does 10 Kirsty was born... July. A o iat 11 Jennifer... her bicycle at the moment. A rod rides is riding 12 He's the... student of all. A nois noisier noisiest 13 Tom hasn't travelled by plane... he was twenty years old.

A fo since already 14 He will... tomorrow. A cal called calling 15 Did you... TV last night A watched watch watches 16 Have you... been to Portugal A neve yet ever 17... I help you, madam D Can Would 18... you count when you were five A CaCan't Could 19 When was the last time you... on holiday A gon go went 20 Are... any good restaurants in your town A hershey there 21 There are some pictures on the wall but there aren't... posters. A an some much 22 We have... visited the castle. A ye ever already 23 Would you like... mil some any 24 Jenny... to New Delhi at 9 pm.

A is flying flies have flown 25 That was the... film I've ever seen. A bes good better 26... will be foggy in London on Saturday. A There They 27 A: ... Pam B: She's my niece. A Who' Where's Whose is 28 Diana usually... jeans and T-shirts.

A is wearing wears wear 29 Has Susan bought the tickets... A yejust ever 30 Peter... got blue eyes. A hav hasn't haven't 31 Janet lives... a small flat. A o iat 32 A: Are those Carol's books B: No, they aren't... A sh her hers 33 Where does your uncle... A livin live lives 34 The exam wasn't very...

A easileasy easier 35... he like listening to rock music A Doe Do Don't 36 A: Has Greg booked a table A: Yes, he's... booked a table at Me//'s. A yejust never 37 Robert went to the dentist... he had toothache. A because but and 38 A: Where's your sister B: She's... work". A a ion 39 Is the Nile as... as the Amazon A longest long longer 40 A: Is she... mother B: No, she isn't. A hi his he TASK 2. Write the same article about yourself I'm Tony Philips and I'm seventeen years old.

I'm a student and I live in Montreal, Canada. I'm tall and slim with short dark hair and brown eyes There are seven of us in our family; my grandparents, Steve and sail; my parents, joe and Kate, my sister, Liz, aged nine, my brother, Liz, aged six, and of course, me. My father is a surgeon. He works at the local hospital and my mother is a teacher in a primary school. We live in a big house about twenty minutes from the city centre.

In my free time, I love playing computer games and listening to rock music. I'm an MTV maniac. My favourite group is Guns'n'Roses. I also like going to the cinema. I go to the cinema every Saturday. I don't like going to the theatre, though.