Why The Driving Age Should Stay At 16 example essay topic

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Your sixteenth birthday has arrived and you rush to the nearest D.P.S. (Department of Public Safety) to make your driver's license. This is exactly what every teenager looks forward to, but some government officials do not think so. To them the legal driving age should be changed to eighteen. Concerned youngsters try not to acknowledge the fact that all the newspaper, television, and radio rumors are factual.

Why should you have to wait two more years to drive when you are already responsible enough? The Congress and legislatures are working on this and in a few states like California; this has already been put into affect. Then, in a few years government officials will probably change the legal driving age to twenty-one. We cannot let this happen to all the other states.

The legal driving age should stay at sixteen because teenagers should be able to get wherever they need without the assistance of an adult, for school related reasons, and we should not change something that works. One reason why we should fight against this law is that, we should not change something that seems to work. According to Robert Jackson, Orange county patrol officer, "Sixteen year olds should not be penalized for something which has been allowed for years and years. They are still in school and can take driving training". A lot of sixteen year olds are driving right now and everything seems well, so why should we change the driving age. Moreover, responsible teenagers would not get into accidents or any kind of trouble.

Studies have even shown that when you put more pressure on someone like teenagers they will assume the accountability. Undoubtedly, everyone should support a law that works. Another reason is that many students have job legibilities and after school activities. Kristen Neal, President of Clear Lake High School Student Council, said that, "Without my car it would be very tough to find a ride home everyday".

In our school, there are many after school activities such as tutoring, sports, clubs and other events. If students were unable to drive then most of the after school activities would be unsuccessful. This really affects the students because the have after school activities, work, games, meetings, and on top of that they get hours and hours of homework. With their driving license students can at least run their small errands like paying a visit to the library for research or going to the store to get something, even the small thing have a big influence on us. Also a lot of unemployment would occur to those working students because without their driving license they can not get anywhere. Last but not least, teenagers should be able to get wherever they need to without the help of their parents.

Many parents are busy in this generation children have both parents working or they have a single parent. In my experience, when I have to stay after school for a club meeting or for school events, my parents have to hassle and pick me up. Even when I want to stay after school for a club or just simply for tutorials I can not because I know that my parents come from work and their tired, and I do not want them to be aggravated when they come to pick me up. The schools do not even permit to have after school buses, so your parent or guardian would have to drag themselves to the school and come pick you up. Why not save their time especially when they both work? We should take full responsibility of our own work and other activities.

From the ages sixteen to eighteen, two years is not going to make an enormous difference in our sense of responsibility. Either you are a responsible driver or you are not. People say that when you turn sixteen you become more mature and more dependable, but why do they not let us prove this to them. Without a doubt, the lawful driving age should linger at sixteen because teenagers should be able to get wherever they necessitate without the help of a grown-up, for school interrelated reasons, and we should not amend something that works.

This is iniquitous to everyone, and each of us should not allocate this to happen. We must petition against this act.