Four Family Members I chose my mom because she has truly been one of the most influential persons on my life. I owe almost everything to her for why I am the person that I am today. She taught me manners, how to treat people and most importantly taught us boys about God. Those Sunday mornings I know it was hard for her to go to church without a husband, but she did it for us boys. The important things to her would be us boys and that she was a housewife for over 20 years. She has just recently moved to Oklahoma and is very respectably providing for herself.

This point in time is very good for my mother and I because we are now building a relationship for the first time in years. Slowly but surely. Secondly I chose my younger brother Chris who is a year younger then me. He is really one of the funniest guys I know. Except if that you were to first meet him you probably wouldnt think he was as funny as I made him out to be. His humor is very dry and most of the time his actions a humor is funny because I know what to expect.

I know how he used to be growing up, which he was a very quiet boy. Through the years I have seen him blossom into a very likable and outgoing person. Because my brother and I are so close in age we were best friends growing up. We did everything together.

Currently his interests are working out and playing baseball. Even though we are many miles apart we are still very close. Every time we see each other we still have fun together. He is one of my best friends. My brother Joshua is five years older then I am and we have many things in common. We seem to be very similar in thinking and everything else we do.

We seem to talk the same down to our personal interest. My brother has been working for himself for almost 4 years now and has his own accounting practice. This is the same field in which I am majoring in and hopefully if everything falls into place it will turn into a famil business. Although my brother is five years older then me, we get along so well because we share so many of the same interest.

Because the accounting practice is going so well and that I have been working for him for almost two years and can say that we will maintain a brotherly relationship as well a business partnership. Last but hardly the least the youngest brother. Notice that I said youngest instead of little brother. The youngest Michael is by no means small.

Currently he is 63, weighs 205 pounds and is only a sophomore in highschool. Michael is definitely the best athlete in our family; no matter what sport it is he always seems to do very good in it. Just recently he quit basketball because its not fun to him anymore. But he still playing baseball and that is where he really has a future.

Sometimes I fail to remember just how young he is and I sometimes put to much pressure on him to be mature. Maybe its just me looking out for my Little brother.