Writing topics and ideas - Read them to scout ahead on what topics seem general or specific enough for your next assignment. Save yourself time and hassle by making sure that your topic has enough information and relevance to be worth writing before you even start. Test and class preparation - Couldn't understand the last ch Quick access to a library consisting of over 16,000 articles, biographies, summaries, notes, opinion essays, personal narratives and statements, and other assorted texts. Access to new content as it is submitted and processed Unlimited access to the entire database (nothing is held back, and there is no limit to what you can download.) That means NO PER DOCUMENT or PER PAGE CHARGES. All your downloads are confidential and none of your information will be given to 3rd parties for any reason. Have the option to print your paper or email a paper to yourself You can cancel whenever you wish and there is no limit to how short or long you must be apter assigned?

A little behind on your reading? Is there a test tomorrow? Reading essays written about your topic or literary work can greatly improve your overall understanding of the material. Often these essays include descriptions, analysis, and those vital "connections" that are most frequently tested. They can also be a great resource for quotes to use to backup your own arguments in class or test taking situations. Supplementing original texts and books - You can use these works to improve your depth and breadth of knowledge.

The more time you spend reading and elaborating on various sources, the better you will be able to recall and perform later. Previewing arguments for or against your essay topic - Read essays by people who agree with you as well as by people who don't. You can make sure to not skim over an important fact or argument. Perhaps there is a point of view that you must refute in your own piece. Finding more sources - Many have very complete bibliographies for even more in-depth research.